DOWNLOAD "Yoga for Your Head" E-Book HERE

Yoga for Your Head combines a mix of western science, yoga philosophy and yoga science (Ayurveda) and has been created to support you to identify which of the 3 Gunas (ie basic qualities of the material world/ psychological states), are most dominant for you, and create a yoga practice to support balancing the body-mind.

I share this E-Book, with the caveat that, as I have been taught, the best way to learn yoga is to work directly with a teacher so we can assess the exact right practice for your purpose. If you have questions the content of the E-book and how it relates to you, I'm happy to answer basic questions over email (for free!) - reach out here But if you want to dive in deeper to truly create a customized, balancing (Sattvic) home yoga practice, get in touch to book a 121 session with me, over skype or at my studio in Waverton.

May you Be Well, Happy and Free,