HATHA YOGA: A mindful, do-able yoga practice to balance, stretch and strengthen.

I teach Hatha Yoga, the original yoga to balance body, mind and breath. Classes are gentle to moderate and small in size so that personalised instruction and support can be given. We have a focus of the month which comprises of yoga teachings / yoga philosophy applied to modern life to creating an uplifting mood (bhav) woven in to the physical practice. You will work on balance and focus, calming the mind while strengthening and stretching the body. Classes are 60 minutes in length. I hold 3 regular weekly classes in Waverton:

Monday 6:30pm at Waverton Hall // Thursday 6.45am at the Coal Loader Lawn // Saturday 9am  Hatha Vinyasa Style (which moves a bit faster and is a stronger practice) at my home studio on Tunks Street.

Cost: $25 / $200 for a 10 week term (runs to NSW school term).

More Information and Bookings here.

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Radical Self Journal

Yoga is "the journey of the self, through the self to the self"  Bhagavad Gita. Journaling and Meditation are my two favourite tools to support self-inquiry, so I created the Radical Self Journal. Crowdfunded in November 2017, the journal guides you though a 14 week daily writing process to craft and sustain your own unique radical self-care. Find out more here.

Connect with Radical Self-Care Project on instagram: @radicalselfcareproject


Workplace Well-being: Yoga & Meditation

Create a culture of happiness, energy and productivity.

The primary goal of a workplace well-being program is to hold a space for teams to de-stress, energise the body and mind, increase self-awareness and lay the foundation for greater happiness in life and work.

Mental health and happiness gives rise to energy and productivity, which are undeniably vital ingredients in any successful business.

“Best yoga class I have ever experienced. Individually focused, warming and professional I feel like a better person at the end of each class”. Steph AD

 Contact Kate 0407 070174 or via email, to request the workplace yoga outline.