Hey Yoga Mama,

Before diving into any new exercise while pregnant, please take the following steps

1. Confirm with your doctor that it is totally safe for you to do so.

2. Listen to your body, so you can start to really take the lead in understanding which poses serve you best for a safe and empowered yoga practice, pregnancy and birth.

3. Send any questions my way and I'd be happy to support you in your pregnancy yoga journey :)


Kate Alexandra



Pregnancy Yoga- Mindful Slow Flow

A sequence aimed at first and third trimester, when you are low energy but know that a bit of exercise will ultimately make you feel a better. Can be practiced safely for all trimesters and is ideal for first time yoga-mamas. Enjoy!

Pregnancy Yoga- 2nd Trimester Flow

A more dynamic flowing yoga practice for those of you who are used to exercising and have some familiarity with yoga.

We strengthen the legs and open the hips and connect with our baby with the mantra "when i say i love you, my baby is listening"


Pregnancy Yoga - Restorative Class

A mellow restorative yoga practice for pregnancy. You'll need some props- pillows, blankets and things to make it extra comfy. I give details of what you can use in the video. Enjoy!