Ep2: Riss Carlyon: Yoga lessons from Newborn Motherhood

Riss is a yoga teacher, healer, coach, mentor... and a new mum to six week old Lola. She is on the front lines of new motherhood and shares how her yoga practice supports this new stage in her life.

"I’ve got this passion to connect people with their deepest, most joyful truth and express it out into the world. The world is seeking more of people’s truth, joy and radiance, not less of it."

Riss has trained and worked in Yoga, Meditation, Healing modalities like Psychosomatic Therapy and Reiki, Speech Pathology, worked in project and management roles in human services and served on boards of community organisations.   In 2013 she set up Amber Tree Yoga & Retreats with two friends and she runs yoga classes through Warrior and Goddess.