Ep10: Anne Margolis: Yoga, Midwifery and Birth


In this episode I speak with Anne from Home Sweet Home Birth. Anne has been a midwife for 20 years, and runs a home birth practice in Suffern NY, just north of New York City, she is also a practitioner of yoga and meditation.

Anne says "Midwifery is not what you do, it's who you are", she shares her very personal experience of having been an Obstetric Nurse, and birthing her first two children in the hospital where she worked, being given the "royal treatment" and yet, it was very traumatic. She thought-- "there must be another way".

And so she came HOME to midwifery.

We talk about how yoga and meditation can support pregnancy and preparation for empowered birth, and also how effective these tools are for a midwife with long hours and an unpredictable schedule. We also talk about the teachers who have most inspired her and how she's developed an authentic presence on social media where Anne has devoted herself to connecting with women across the globe to inspire, uplift and educate about birth.