BONUS Ep3: Guided Meditation for Mamas:: The Village Dinner

I am deeply honoured to have been asked to create a guided relaxation and meditation as a gift for mothers attending The Village Gathers Dinner, Dec 4th in Lilydale Victoria. Hosted by Holly and Anna

The Dinner is now SOLD OUT, but you can join in a sense of solidarity with the women at this event by indulging in this deep meditation. It begins with body awareness scan to quiet the nervous system and drop into feeling and out of 'thinking', the meditation continues with images from nature, and into visualisations for honouring yourself in your journey as a woman and mother.

About Village Dinners:

A place to shake the tired off your face and revel in sisterhood. Where mothers can sit side by side without judgment or fear and simply be. A night to cultivate real friendships outside of the virtual world, put our children to bed, connect, meet new people, build on friendships we already have, and gather around a table full of good food and even better conversation.