BONUS Ep3: Guided Meditation for Mamas:: The Village Dinner

I am deeply honoured to have been asked to create a guided relaxation and meditation as a gift for mothers attending The Village Gathers Dinner, Dec 4th in Lilydale Victoria. Hosted by Holly and Anna

The Dinner is now SOLD OUT, but you can join in a sense of solidarity with the women at this event by indulging in this deep meditation. It begins with body awareness scan to quiet the nervous system and drop into feeling and out of 'thinking', the meditation continues with images from nature, and into visualisations for honouring yourself in your journey as a woman and mother.

About Village Dinners:

A place to shake the tired off your face and revel in sisterhood. Where mothers can sit side by side without judgment or fear and simply be. A night to cultivate real friendships outside of the virtual world, put our children to bed, connect, meet new people, build on friendships we already have, and gather around a table full of good food and even better conversation.


Ep:11: Micara Link:

A soulful conversation with Micara Link: mother of two, wife, yoga teacher, activist, and life coach.  Within this conversation Micara also takes us through a centering meditation and a Ujayi breathing practice.

From an early age, Micara has been deeply drawn to humanitarianism, activism, and social change. She believes that sustainable lasting change begins in the home. Happy, healthy and peaceful homes lead to a happier, healthier, more peaceful world.

We talk about her roots in activism and teaching yoga in a shelter for mums; the yoga body; her teachers; her personal practice after just having her second baby; practicing radical self care and BLISS!!

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Micara's teachers: Elena Brower, Seane Corn , Max Strom 

Interested in Yoga as Service: Off the Mat into the World

Ep10: Anne Margolis: Yoga, Midwifery and Birth


In this episode I speak with Anne from Home Sweet Home Birth. Anne has been a midwife for 20 years, and runs a home birth practice in Suffern NY, just north of New York City, she is also a practitioner of yoga and meditation.

Anne says "Midwifery is not what you do, it's who you are", she shares her very personal experience of having been an Obstetric Nurse, and birthing her first two children in the hospital where she worked, being given the "royal treatment" and yet, it was very traumatic. She thought-- "there must be another way".

And so she came HOME to midwifery.

We talk about how yoga and meditation can support pregnancy and preparation for empowered birth, and also how effective these tools are for a midwife with long hours and an unpredictable schedule. We also talk about the teachers who have most inspired her and how she's developed an authentic presence on social media where Anne has devoted herself to connecting with women across the globe to inspire, uplift and educate about birth.

Ep9: Nikola Ellis: Yoga Therapy

Ep 9: "Yoga is Therapy"

In this episode I talk with one of my teachers Nikola Ellis. Nikola talks about the experience of her first yoga class and how it set her on a path of personal healing. The impact of this experience, coupled with an Ashtanga injury, inspired her to begin teaching therapeutic yoga.

Nik is a vocal feminist and shares her thoughts on the ubiquitous use of the female yoga body to sell yoga, and in the case of instagram, to gain likes and approval.

At her studio Adore Yoga in Sydney, Nikola and her teaching faculty run 1000hour accredited Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. Nik is also very involved in integrating yoga practice into clinical settings to support people with cancer and eating disorders, among other diseases and conditions. 

Ep8: Julia Jones: Ayurveda + Postpartum Healing

Ayurveda is the "Science of Life" and in this episode Julia shares the practices she uses to nourish and nurture women in the first 40 days post birth. 

We talk brain science and benefits of oxytocin; the role of the father and broader community; and Julia shares her experience of becoming a mother and how this has motivated her to help make the first 40 days after birth the best of a woman's life.


Ep7: Bettina Fullagar: Yoga for Mums + Kids

Bettina is a writer and vibrant yogini mama of two young children. She's passionate about sharing yoga with you to inspire connection with your children. She's published a book-- Mothering the Soul, and has recently released an e-book- Yoga with Kids. 

Tune in to our chat as we talk about how Bettina came to yoga, what she's working on in her practice 6 months post-birth, and how she manages to get so much done with two small children.


Ep6: Leonie Percy Author of "Mother Om"

In Episode 6 of YogaMama Podcast I speak with Leonie Percy about Mindful Motherhood; Business and Babies and Mindfulness Meditation for Children.

Leonie is a loving mother, passionate yoga and mindfulness teacher and author. Leonie is the founder of Yoga Mamata and author of award winning book Mother Om.

Yoga Mamata teaches mums how to mother in the moment, children kindness and resilience and keeps families connected.

Leonie has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Leonie combined her experience of going through a divorce becoming a single mother, degree in psychology and passion to keep families connected, to create her business Yoga Mamata. Leonie lives in Sydney with her son Lael and partner Jarkko. Leonie and Jarkko welcomed a beautiful baby girl called Luna – Joy in April 2015.

Leonie Percy--



Ep 5: Brook McCarthy: Entreprenuership and Yoga Life

In Episode 5 Brook McCarthy and I discuss the realities and myths of work-life balance; purpose driven entrepreneurship; cults, feminism and the fact we aren't always thrilled to see our kids.

Brook is a writer, trainer, speaker and business coach who specialises in online marketing and creative communications. Brook is interested in the meanings we bring to work, life stage and legacy. With a background in public relations and online communications, Brook encourages people to think big, be bold and bring creativity and empathy to business.

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Ep4: Rachael Stott: Yoga, Activism and Parenthood

Rachael and I talk-- motherhood, yoga... and business.

Rae has a serious edge for social entrepreneurship. Being a mum, doesn't mean disappearing into a cave of sleeplessness and spew... sure it's hard at times, but the souls journey is there for you if you seek it, and Rae has come out the other side a radically savvy, purpose driven social entrepreneur, who also... keeps it freaking... REAL!!

Stay tuned for the time her kid rubbed milk arrowroot into Facebook's carpet, because being a mum, sometimes means bringing your kid to important meetings, and this in NO WAY lessens the quality of your work.

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Ep3: Katie Manitsas: Yoga of Birth, Community and Motherhood

In Episode 3 Katie offers her thoughtful perspectives on balancing motherhood with ambition; how best to prepare for the arrival of your first baby; and muses on the importance of community and women's circles.

Katie is a multi-passionate and grounded woman. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for 20 years, and was the Founder and Director of Jivamukti Yoga Sydney (formerly Samadhi Yoga)for many years. She is also a writer, activist, doula and mother of three living in Sydney.

If you'd like to read more about Katie, see her website here...

Ep2: Riss Carlyon: Yoga lessons from Newborn Motherhood

Riss is a yoga teacher, healer, coach, mentor... and a new mum to six week old Lola. She is on the front lines of new motherhood and shares how her yoga practice supports this new stage in her life.

"I’ve got this passion to connect people with their deepest, most joyful truth and express it out into the world. The world is seeking more of people’s truth, joy and radiance, not less of it."

Riss has trained and worked in Yoga, Meditation, Healing modalities like Psychosomatic Therapy and Reiki, Speech Pathology, worked in project and management roles in human services and served on boards of community organisations.   In 2013 she set up Amber Tree Yoga & Retreats with two friends and she runs yoga classes through Warrior and Goddess.

Ep1: Liz Vartanian: Parenting is YOGA

Liz Vartanian is a yogi, writer, mum and baker based in Austin Texas. Her carefully crafted classes include a loving blend of vinyasa flow and restorative yoga. The mixture of the power and movement of vinyasa and the soft surrender of restorative offer yogis a chance to leave class feeling energized and supported. Liz’s classes feel like a community and students are often surprised with home cooked goodies after long relaxing Savasanas. Her training with viniyoga teachers during her 200-hr has offered her a chance to lead yoga practices with authenticity and heart but, from a place of safety and knowledge. She is currently studying more about the emotional aspects of yoga and how they effect the heart.

Stay in touch with Liz via her website (great blog) and follow her on Instagram @lizv_yoga  and