It's a sanctuary for you to take time out for yourself, to move and breathe, reconnect with yourself.

Restore a sense of calm and nourish your well-being with yoga and mindfulness practices.

Chose your program: Pregnancy / Postnatal (suited to 4th Trimester)  / Evolving Mama

Using proven tools and insights from Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Ritual, I will support you to:

* Integrate Yoga into your daily life.

* Embrace your personal power, self-love and intuition.

* Reduce stress, overwhelm and the tides of strong emotion.

* Create time and space each day for YOU.

* Honour and love your body through movement and breath.


You want to connect with a teacher who understands where you are at. I'm a yoga teacher with two young children and I understand wholeheartedly the challenges of balancing motherhood with our other roles, responsibilities, dreams and goals!

I believe motherhood is the heroines journey (perhaps you feel this too) I've been through sleepless nights and roller-coaster of emotions as I've struggled with breastfeeding, sleep issues and battles with challenging behaviour, guilt when I 'lose it' and the aching frustration at the lack of 'me-time'.

BUT, yoga has been my rock. So, I am here to share this with you, to support you to use the tools of yoga and mindfulness to consistently feed your body, mind and spirit.

You're probably finding TIME is one of the biggest obstacles to maintaining a yoga practice in motherhood, so I'm making it easy for you, the online lessons are just 10-30minutes and you can practice anywhere and at any time of day.

I'm here to serve you and it's my wish that this course supports you to put self-care as a top priority, because you know in your heart and soul that you are worth it, and it's the best way to care for you family too!

Over 7 weeks, I'll lead you through a range of yoga practices : asana (stretches and strengthening), pranayama (breathing), guided meditation, yummy recipes, relaxation and additional yoga lifestyle practices and lessons from yoga philosophy so you can really begin to live your yoga "off the mat".

You will practice with a community of Yoga Mamas to get the group motivation and support, or you can practice at your own pace if you prefer (you'll have lifetime access to all the videos, mp3s, guides).

You will find consistency, strength, flexibility and balance in your body mind and spirit and to tap into a yoga state of mind- whenever and where ever you need it most.

The program is still in development phase. I am working on creating a fully professional online platform, that looks beautiful and is easy for you to use. It will feel like walking into your own private online yoga shala.

In the meantime, join my YogaMama inner circle and grab some free pre-launch bonuses I made for you, below.