Milk and Ghee: The Great Rejuvenator!

Guest Post by Gemma Davies

You’re focusing on Muladhara chakra today, and that means considering how grounded, rested and centred your experience of living feels for you.

As human beings of the modern world, I'm guessing you’re bustin’ and grindin’ out the good stuff for many hours every day… and that’s both rewarding and exhilarating!

But how do you feel once you’re home and hosed?

Safe? Sound? Relaxed?

Or… is your mind still racing? Your adrenaline still pumping? Your energy still buzzing?

What about when you finally hit the hay? Think about your experience of getting to sleep... Easy? Cosy? Fuzzywuzzy? Or are you fretful, frazzled and lucidly peering into the future whilst periodically checking your email on your smartphone?

Looking after your ‘root’ chakra means nourishing up your cells and tending to your sleep. If this sounds dreadfully dull to you, consider how much more you’ll be able to bring to your life’s work when you’ve had an incredible night’s sleep… Imagine the jive in your step, the clarity of your ideas and your energy to take action!  BAM!

Ayurevedic medicine offers a most simple and truly delicious, nocturnal food-remedy to help settle and calm even the most rambunctiously unbalanced Muladhara chakra. It’s easy, doable, actionable

tonight! And that’s… Warm Spiced Milk with Ghee…

Like all good, sweet and true medicine, Warm Spiced Milk with Ghee works it’s magic gently, over time and distance. Commit to it, nightly… Ritualise… Swoon softly into the experience… Cherish your mug of goodness in a warm, aromatic bath or snuggle deep into comfy covers with an indulgently uplifting (and non-work related!) booky wook…

And then… Explore your experience of mornings in the coming days… Still rushed and desperately grappling for the caffeine and a sugar-loaded muffinish thing? Or is morning life starting to feel a little more grounded, solid, sustained?

You might even find yourself getting off the bus or train a stop early and enjoying a leisurely stroll through the park to the office!

Here, is your recipe for Warm Spiced Milk with Ghee… Let it Change you!


1 cup of whole, organic milk (the less processed, the better!)

½ tablespoon organic, grassfed ghee

Tiny pinch of powdered cardamom


1. So simple! Gently warm all ingredients in a small saucepan on low heat, stirring gently, until your ghee is melted and your nightcap is aromatic and warmed.

2.  Pour into your favourite mug, sip with sumptuous intention, and relax.