These meditations were designed as a Chakra Illuminating series in collaboration with Gemma Dee from Folkklore, who has provided a recipe to match the focal topic of each meditation.

They can be done as a 5 day program, to help kickstart a meditation routine that helps balance the chakras or can also be done individually according to your needs

1. Muladhara/ Root Chakra Download Meditation for Grounding  (mp3 file) + Milk and Ghee 

2. Svadisthana / Sacral Chakra Download Meditation for Creativity  (mp3 file) + Goji Tea 

3. Manipura / Solar Plexus Chakra Download Meditation for Removing Obstacles (mp3 file) + Daily Loaf

5. Vishuddhi / Throat Chakra Download Mindful Meditation for throat chakra (mp3 file) + Kichari 

NOTE: To prepare for meditation, switch your phone off and advise family members/ housemates/ colleagues or whomever is around you that you are going to meditate so that they don't disturb you. Find a comfortable place to sit (on the ground with a cushion to elevate your hips above your knees is a great idea!)

Make dedicated time for meditation practice. If you squeeze it in to your busy life, you will as likely squeeze it out. And like any practice, the benefits of meditation are not a quick fix, it's a lifestyle and a commitment, you will get profound results over time.