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Monthly Specials: When you order over 125PV by the 15th April you get a "DigestZen" 5ml digestive support blend for free! And when you order over 200PV you also get Ice Blue athletic rub and a 5ml Ice Blue essential oil.

Note: PV = point value is equivalent to roughly USD

Step by Step instructions ordering your doTERRA oils

1. Go to:  click "Join and Save" up the top, then pick your country: Australia.

2. Now Select the top option "Local OTG Order" from Australian Warehouse.

3. Choose "Wellness Advocate" or "Preferred Member Prices" (I'd go with the first option because they are phasing out Preferred member, and Wellness Advocate not only gives you wholesale prices - 25% off retails- it also gives you the option to earn free product points and referral commission, which you may be interested perhaps now of down the track. I'm happy to chat about this in more detail if you'd like to learn more)

4. Fill out your details including name, address, billing address, shipping address and remaining contact info.

5. Next, you will select your time zone and your own virtual office password so you can login to your now, newly opened account and indulge yourself in essential oil goodness anytime you want!

6. Agree to the basic Terms and Conditions and your Virtual Office User Agreement and click Continue.

7.  Select your oils! If you'd like the wholesale membership and a few oils, select your $35 Introductory Kit (your membership for the year) plus the oil and products you’d like to choose a la carte by typing in the names of the oils or products in the fields below.

8. Process Your Payment.

9.  Set up your awesome, but OPTIONAL Loyalty Rewards. You’ll definitely want to look at this because its going to save you a TON of money.  You literally get back free product and product points every month. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you about this later, but I am getting back 30% of my order every month (about $80 worth) in product points (dollars) and since you’ll soon be an oil junkie like me, you’ll enjoy this benefit!! If it's not for you right now, don't stress. You can come back to it later!