Hearts and Roses

Guest Post by Gemma Davies

Universally recognized as the flower of love, the delicate aromatics of the Rose work directly and gently on the Anahata chakra. Rose is our greatest plant ally when we are working to heal, open and expand our heart energy.

We tend to relegate our use of Rose to scent alone – essential oils and combinations, scented candles, incense, pot-pourri… And it’s not all that popular these days, either! Many associate the smell of roses with old ladies and domesticity… Rose is… dull? We are bombarded with far more intense and overpowering fragrances in today’s world, and the scent of high quality Rose, however, is subtle and nuanced: easily mis-sniffed as ‘plain’.

Our hearts need gentle tenderness to open and unfold, and Rose embodies these qualities exquisitely. Use a high quality rose oil to anoint the heart space and clear the energy!

In Ayurvedic medicine, Rose is also used internally as a deep tonic and heart nourisher. One of the easiest ways to imbibe Rose is by using high quality rosewater in your kitchen. Perfect to add to smoothies and nourishing desserts, perhaps the easiest and most pleasureable way to imbibe rosewater, especially in the warmer months, is in a traditional Indian lassi.

Cooling, ever-so-easy to digest and sustainingly nutritious, a tall glass of Rose lassi is a feast for the senses and an absolute heart treat. A particularly potent medicine-food offering after a deliciously heart opening yoga class!

This recipe makes enough for 2-3 serves, so share with some folks you adore and feel the love!

The Unfolded Heart Lassi


2.5 cups of high quality yoghurt

½ cup raw honey or coconut sugar

2 teaspoons of rosewater

¾ cup pure, iced water

1 cup ice cubes

Rose petals to garnish



1. Blend yoghurt, sweeterner, rosewater and iced water in a blender for 2 minutes

2. Add icecubes and process for another 2 minutes

3. Pour into tall, refrigerated glasses, scatter with rose petals and bliss out!