Swadhistana and the Goji Berry Guest Post by Gemma Davies

In foodie-medicine terms, the Swadhistana chakra is nourished by two primaries – fluids and sweetness.

Swadhistana, being the energy of creativity and connection, is granted pathways to thrive when we are sufficiently hydrated and offer sustaining sources of sweetness to the cells.

In the midst of either/or/both climactic creative projects and passionate connections (read: sex!), is it any wonder that we can tend to reach toward convenient sources of fluid sweetness: Red Bull for the all-night creative breakthrough, sweet, hot coffee for the morning after game-changing, yet draining, physical passion…

Our offering today quenches the thirst for succulent nectar, while fully supporting your vitality. Read on!

You’ve heard of Goji berries, right?
Whether they’re strewn through your muesli, smothered in dark chocolate or eaten by the hopeful handful, these little red wonder-nuggets are the new superfood staple that have become a household name.

But there’s a problem…

Unless prepared correctly, Goji could be relegated to a mere glorified sultana…

The good news? Proper preparation is easy as pie, and a deep body/mind satisfier and serious Swadhistana helper.

Here’s the deal.

In Chinese Medicine, Goji is referred to as a ‘superior tonic’, meaning that it nourishes all tissues and systems. It is thought to work primarily on tonifying and building Yin energy. When we’re talking Yin, we’re talking dreamy, relaxed, open, creative vibes that enhance and vitalize all areas of creativity and connection.

Most of the ‘medicine’ in Goji berries is locked in polysaccharides – fancy talk for long chained sugars. In order to do their work, polysaccharides need to be ‘unlocked’, and the best way to do this is via heat and water. Add these elements, and you transform Goji from a mere food into a magical medicine.


The Endless(ish) Goji Cup

Our offering today supports Swadhistana by providing its two most important energies – fluidity and sweetness. It also nourishes your Yin state, helping you to feel more open and creative in the world and your work.

Best of all, it is as easy as pie to do, every day.

You need:

·      15 Goji berries

·      1 beautiful/whimsical mug (actually, any drinking vessel will do…)

·      Hot water


1.    Easy! Sprinkle your berrie into the bottom of your chalice (!) and fill with hot water

2.    Throughout the day, sip/gulp/skull your ‘tea’, reserving the berries and refilling your mug as the day proceeds. Optimally, you’ll refill at least 4-5 times

3.     At the end of the day, finish your cup and EAT the berries – they will be plump and juicy, and if you’ve refilled your mug enough times they will be largely tasteless. This is a good thing! If your berries are no longer sweet, it means you have unlocked, extracted and imbimbed all of the polysaccharide medicine within!

Like all good and sweet medicine, the results of this prescription are seen over time and distance. Not even close to a magic bullet, but committing to a bag’s worth of the Goji Cup (usually about 30-40 days) will likely find you rather delighted with the resulting Yin bliss and Swadhistana activation