Detoxing with Essential Oils


Home: Lemon and Purify

Lemon: Widely regarded for it’s cleansing properties, lemon oils is sanitizing, deoderising and contains anti-bacterial properties. Diffuse in a room to create an uplifting freshness, use with water and white vinegar as a surface spray, add 2-4 drops to laundry loads for a boost of freshness. Lemon is also alkalizing and can be take in a glass of warm water in the morning to cleanse and detox the digestive system.

Price: $ 18 (retail) $13.50 (wholesale) / 12.5 pv

Purify: A blend of Lemon, Lime, Siberian Fir, White fir, Austrian Fir, Pine, Citronella, Tea Tree and Cilantro Essential Oils. These oils are all renowned for their cleansing and purifying properties. Use in the home to remove bad obours and cleans the air, add 6-8 drops with 1 tbsp white vinegar to a glass spray bottle filled with water and use a surface spray.

Price: $40 (retail) $30 (wholesale) / 21.5 pv

Body: Zendocrine and Basil

Zendocrine: A blend of Tangerine, Rosemary, Geranium, Juniper Berry and Cilantro Essential Oils to support detoxification of the liver and kidneys. Supports removal of heavy metals, weightloss and detox and endocrine cleansing. Can be taken – 2-3 drops in a glass of water, of rub on soles of feet or belly mixed with a carrier oil.

Price: $56.67 (retail) $42.50 (wholesale) / 27.50 pv

Basil: “The Oil of Renewal” Basil supports recovery form adrenal exhaustion, overwhelm, fatigue, low energy and an inability to cope with life stressors. Take 1-2 drops in a glass of water or rub over the kidney/adrenal area mixed with a carrier oil to give a boost of energy to a weary body needing strengthening and renewal.

Price: $42.01 (retail) $31.50 (wholesale) / 27.50 pv

Mind: Clary Sage and Lemongrass

Clary Sage: “The Oil of Clarity and Vision” Clary Sage literally translates to ‘clear eyes’. Itgives courage to see the truth and support the brow chakra- the seat of intuition.  Provides great support when a change of perspective is needed to release creative blockages and eliminate distractions from the mind. It’s also a wonderful hormonal tonic to be used monthly when PMT symptoms are present to bring about a release of tension and calm repose.

Price: $84 (retail) $63 (wholesale) / 41 pv

Lemongrass: “The Oil of Cleaning” Lemongrass is a powerful energetic cleanser. Diffuse it in your home to help reduce feelings of despondency and despair. Encourages a release of energy from brow chakra, opening the individual to let og of stagnant energy and see situations with greater clarity. A fantastic cleanser, physically, emotionally and mentally!

Price: $17 (retail) $13 (wholesale) / 12pv

Emotions: Smart & Sassy and Arborvitae

Smart & Sassy: This blend of grapefruit, lemon, ginger, peppermint, cinnamon, Supports the physical and emotional aspects of a healthy journey towards detoxing and reducing excess weight. Assists in releasing the heavy emotions tied up with self-worth and excess weight. The grapefruit is a powerful metabolic booster, which helps to better process nutrients, and reduce cravings for sweet foods. Ginger and peppermint encourage healthy digestion. This blend encourages individuals to rise above self judgment and embrace body love and natural beauty.

Price: $40.67 (retail) $30.50 (wholesale) / 27.5 pv

Arbovitae: Meaning “Tree of Life” this earthy grounding oil supports us to come in to relationship with the earth, get grounded and surrender to the divinity all around it. Release heavy emotions, compost them in to the earth, put down your roots and trust in the flow of life.

Price: $45.33 (retail) $34 (wholesale) / 24pv

FULL COST of this Detox Kit:

Order these top 8 oils:

1. Lemon, 2. Purify, 3. Zendocrine, 4. Basil, 5. Clary Sage, 6. Smart & Sassy, 7. Arborvitae + 8. Grapefruit (the key ingredient in "Zendocrine" providing support for liver detoxing) + you'll want to get yourself a coconut oil for blending your oils for topical application.

When you place this exact order as above you will receive a FREE Lemongrass and a FREE Frankincense (valued at a whopping $132!) PLUS I'll send you an OnGuard Toothpaste - an all natural toothpaste with clove essential oil to improve oral health!

And I realise I haven't even touched on Frankincense yet, but this is the QUEEN of all essential oils. It's a precious resin sourced from Oman, and it is a POWERFUL cellular healer. Use it on skin to improve appearance and elasticity (it's ALL I use these days and my skin looks better than EVER!), swipe a drop unter the nose to uplift from depression and sooth anxiety, take internally to reduce inflammation, provide anti-oxidant support and cellular healing.


When it comes to essential oils, the industry is unregulated. doTERRA oils are the only certified pure, third party tested, therapeutic grade oils on the market. When you purchase these oils you can rest assured that there are no synthetic fillers, no alcohols, no toxic contaminants, pesticides. Only 100% pure therapeutic plant compounds are contained in these essential oils.

Exactly How to Order:

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Monthly Specials: When you order over 125PV by the 15th January 2017 you get a "Lemongrass" for free! And when you order over 200PV you get a free Frankinscence (value $115!). These are GIFTS from doTERRA. I am also offering anyone who buys this 'detox kit' a FREE On Guard Toothpaste!

Note: PV = point value is equivalent to roughly USD

Step by Step instructions for ordering your doTERRA oils

1. Go to:  click "Join and Save" up the top, then pick your country: Australia.

2. Now Select the top option "Local OTG Order" from Australian Warehouse.

3. Choose "Wellness Advocate" or "Preferred Member Prices" (I'd go with the first option because they are phasing out Preferred member, and Wellness Advocate not only gives you wholesale prices - 25% off retail- it also gives you the option to earn free product points and referral commission, which you may be interested perhaps now of down the track.  You could also select "Preferred Member" and upgrade later. I'm happy to chat about this in more detail if you'd like to learn more, reach out to me via the contact page.)

4. Fill out your details including name, address, billing address, shipping address and remaining contact info.

5. Next, you will select your time zone and your own virtual office password so you can login to your now, newly opened account and indulge yourself in essential oil goodness anytime you want!

6. Agree to the basic Terms and Conditions and your Virtual Office User Agreement and click Continue.

7.  Select your oils! To get your wholesale membership, select your $35 Introductory Kit (your membership for the year) then select the oils listed above from the product finder, by typing in the names of the oils or products in the fields below.

8. Process Your Payment.

9.  Set up your awesome, but OPTIONAL Loyalty Rewards. You’ll definitely want to look at this because its going to save you a TON of money.  You literally get back free product and product points every month. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you about this later, but I am getting back 30% of my order every month (about $80 worth) in product points (dollars) and since you’ll soon be an oil junkie like me, you’ll enjoy this benefit!! If it's not for you right now, don't stress. You can come back to it later!

Happy Shopping and Happy Detoxing!

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