Detox Yoga Video Series

I've created this Detox Yoga Video Series for you, it's designed to be practice over 4 weeks, just 15-20minutes a day and you get a new video each week, with both beginner and intermediate levels (that's 8 yoga videos in total- for free!)

In this series I've focused on postures that stimulate the body's natural detoxification process, and get the lymphatic system, digestive system and elimination organs going! You'll be simply supporting the body's natural programming to rid itself of toxins.

You can chose to practice these videos whenever and wherever you like, and for best results, you can even add your own clean food goals, such eating an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, quitting processed foods and halting the alcohol and caffeine (your body will thank you!).

Please consult your GP/Doctor before launching into a new exercise program and change of diet to ensure that it will serve your health.

Week 1: Lymphatic Flow (beginner and intermediate)

Week 2: Firey Twisty Practice

Week 3: Kidney/Bladder Sequence

Week 4: Bringing it all together

See the week 1 videos below or find the full playlist of videos on my YouTube Channel here