Sprouted Daily Loaf to Fuel Manipura Chakra

Guest Post by Gemma Davies

A strong, integrated Manipura chakra gives us our ‘guts’ – a confident sense of personal power and self-esteem that allows us to fully unfold our passions into the world and realize our full potential.

In the chakra system, the Manipura chakra rules the digestive system in all its facets. Ultimately, having a robust digestive system fuels our personal power!

Interestingly, the foods that the system of Ayurveda considers most nourishing for Manipura are those foods we tend to avoid in the West if we experience digestive troubles: grains and dairy, most notably! And the truth is that most people do experience digestive relief when they consciously eliminate or reduce these foods in the diet. How can this be?

We are called here to consider both sourcing and preparation of these foods in our lives.

Where grains appear in traditional nourishing diets, they are always properly prepared, and that means soaking and/or sprouting. These wise preparation techniques serve to minimize both excess starch and phytic acid compounds in grains, nuts and seeds. Many people who react to commercial and unprepared grain/nut/seed foods not only tolerate, but are surprisingly nourished by these foods when they take steps to properly prepare them at home.  

Similarly, commercial dairy products barely resemble the milk-based foods that sustain robust traditional peoples. Not only are our farming methods abhorrent, but the resulting dairy foods are pastuerised, homogenized and UHT packed: seriously significant alterations! Sourcing high quality, organic, grass-fed and even raw dairy foods is no longer out of the question for Westerners – we may need to go out of our way, but the healing benefits of these foods is certainly worth it, if you enjoy having dairy in your life.

Today’s Manipura recipe offers us a most delicious, fabulously prepared and nourishing bread. This is like nothing you have ever tasted, and whilst it takes time to prepare, the resulting loaf is so incredibly digestible you’ll hardly believe your guts! This can truly be your daily bread – sumptuous straight from the oven, and then sliced and lightly browned on the stovetop in coconut oil for the days that follow. Use as toast for breakfast, top with avocado, hummous, tomato and sprouts for lunch, accompany dinner with a delicious chunk. Get a feel for this bread and use it however you like!

Manipura Daily Loaf

You’ll need a food processor and a litre measuring jug for this recipe.


·      ¾ litre measure of sprouted buckwheat

·      1/3 litre measure of sprouted millet

·      1.5 litre measure of sprouted quinoa (white, black, red or a combination)

·      4 tablespoons of coconut oil

·      1 tablespoon of bicarb soda

·      1 tablespoon of Himilayan salt


·      To sprout buckwheat – buckwheat at least doubles in volume when sprouted, so measure out raw buckwheat groats to the 375mL mark on your measuring jug. Place in a bowl, cover with pure water, stir and soak for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and drain the groats over the bowl. Cover with a clean tea towel and set aside at room temperature. You will need to rinse your sprouts at least once and preferably twice daily. You’re waiting for the buckwheat to grow ‘tails’, and this will take anywhere from 24-48 hours. When ready, your sprouts will keep in the fridge in an airtight container for up to one week.

·      To sprout millet – measure out raw millet seed to the 175mL mark of your measuring jug. Place in a bowl, cover with water and soak overnight. The next morning, rinse thoroughly and drain over a bowl. As for buckwheat, cover with a clean tea towel and set aside, rinsing 1-2 times daily until sprouted – millet generally takes 1-3 days to fully sprout.

·      To sprout quinoa – measure out 1L of quinoa in your measuring jug, then follow the same instructions for millet!

NB: all this sprouting sounds daunting, but you can get everything soaked and drained with a little organization in one night, then bake your bread in 2-3 days when all your sprouts are ready. This recipe yields  2-3 loaves of bread, which you can slice and freeze for toast – best when gently pan fried in coconut oil!


1.    Place all your sprouted grains into a food processor and mix until combined, but not too fine. Some coarseness left in the grains lends itself to a particularly yummy loaf! Add the coconut oil, bicarb and salt in the last minute or so of blending.

2.    Line a loaf tin with baking paper, spoon in your mix and pat down.

3.    Bake in a 150 degree oven for around 1 hour. You’ll get a great crust if you paint the loaf with coconut oil halfway through the baking process.

Consider this loaf mix a base!

Once you’ve got the gist, you can experiment in using it as a pizza base (adding garlic and herbs to the mix), pancake mix, add finely grated veggies and seasonings for pan-fried patties, or you can even add berries, currants and a healthy sweetener (raw honey, coconut sugar, etc…) for delicious, wholesome muffins!

Once you have experienced a properly prepared and nourishing bread, you’ll get the sense of how these foods can build strength at the Manipura level. Strengthening and sustaining, let this loaf become a staple in your kitchen!