Private Yoga

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Private Yoga

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Discover the profound benefits a personalised private yoga practice and begin integrating yoga into your life.

Stretching, strengthening, breathing, meditation. These are all elements of yoga we may use to support you with your wellness goals so that you can begin living the healthy life you wish for yourself!

You'll work with Kate to identify areas of your body you need to strengthen,  and tone; release and mobilise; rest and heal. The yoga can also be used to address mental health, including depression, anxiety, general stress levels and serious life challenges.

Private Yoga applied to your situation works holistically, addressing body + mind + spirit to restore a natural state of balance, guided by goals we collaboratively agree upon.

Private Yoga can address a large range of conditions from aches and pains; to losing weight; stress and anxiety; the physical and emotional effects of cancer and cancer treatments; asthma; and life transitions such as relocations and relationship changes. It is not a substitute for psychotherapy or traditional medical treatment (in the case of serious illness) however, it can work very well alongside traditional medical treatments to empower you on your healing journey.

I will create therapeutic yoga practice will just for you that give you the tools to begin taking your yoga off the mat and in to your life, where you can be empowered to take control of your well-being in a very practical, and holistic way.

Our first session together will be for 75 minutes. You will fill out a comprehensive health record which we will then discuss along with your goals for a yoga practice. I will guide you through a supported one to one yoga practice and at the end will give you a customised home practice to work on until we see each other next. At the next session we review your progress and the process continues to evolve after each session according to your needs and any changes that are occurring as part of thehome yoga therapy practice.

You will get the most out of this if you are prepared to invest some time and money in your health/ injury/ condition. Yoga Therapy is designed to help you to better understand the needs of your body, which may very well mean modifying what you do in group classes, so that you can be empowered to care for yourself in a way that supports your optimum health.

For inquiries please contact Kate Alexandra here

$120 = One off Private Yoga Class. Great if you are a beginner and want a one on one session to get clear on basic alignment, breathing and terms, or if you are coming back to practice after an injury or surgery, or if you are an experienced yoga student wanting some tips to support you to go deeper in your practice.

$500 =  Basic Yoga Therapy Package- 3 months of Private Yoga, scheduled fortnightly  (ie six classes in total) + personalized Guided Meditation + personalized 15minute sequence for you to practice at home (comes in hand drawn form, upgrade below to get videos)

$1200 = Ultimate Private Yoga Experience - 3 months of Private Yoga, scheduled weekly (ie 12 classes in total) + 3 x personalized Guided Meditation recordings+ 15minute practice (sketch) updated as your needs evolve over the 3 months + 15minute additional practice recorded by video for you to use at home.

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