Yoga for Birth

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Yoga for Birth


Yoga for Birth is a 4 hour workshop.

We begin with a Blessing and Ritual to honour the journey of Pregnancy, then move in to a luscious pregnancy yoga class (both uplifting and relaxing), finally we'll practice breathing exercises and movements you can use in labour to prepare for an empowered birth- the yoga way.

During the 4 hour workshop we'll have two breaks, bring your own snacks, a bowl of nourishing daal (gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian) provided for lunch.

You will also receive a copy of "The Yoga of Birth" by Katie Manitsas, Yoga Teacher, Doula and Mother of four.

Date: Saturday 15 July

Time: 9:00am (arrive 15 minutes early) - 1:00pm

Cost: $97 (receive a $25 credit when you enrol in Pregnancy Yoga Course - Term 3 begins Sat 22nd July)

Class lead by Kate Clugston: Kate is a yoga teacher and mum of two, Kate experienced two wonderful healthy pregnancies, practicing yoga and meditation throughout, her two cesarean births were supported by doulas and were, in their own way, empowered births. Kate is dedicated to supporting women through yoga and women's circles, to live empowered and mindful lives.

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