Yoga for Your Head

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Yoga for Your Head

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A special 2 hour workshop focusing on yoga of the MIND.

Yoga defines 3 qualities of being which are reflected though the mind, when we learn to identify these qualities we are then able to apply specific techniques to restore balance.

In this class you'll learn about these 3 qualities of being, why it is so important that we learn to consciously affect the mind and we'll practice proven techniques to support the mind to come back in to balance. (Think calm blue ocean).

We will do gentle yoga postures, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation for manging your mood and mindset.

This workshop is designed to help you learn how you can change your brain chemistry and positively alter your moods.

You will receive a worksheet detailing all the practices we explore in the class, to support you to continue to use these new "tools" at home.


This workshops is for you if:

* You would like to to learn some new techniques to support your mind to balance (including, but not limited to stress, anxiety insomnia, depression, strong emotion)

* You are a curious, engaged student of yoga and want to understand some of the deeper layers of both philosophy and how to use the physical practice to direct prana in the body.

* Love the idea of truly holistic yoga practice that includes philosophy, asana, pranayama (breathing) and meditation.

Monday 10th July: 6:30pm - 8:30pm (Note this is a 2 hour workshop, please disregard image text)

Current Students (ie booked for the term) will get a 25% discount.

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