Wed 30 Jan - Yoga for the Mind

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Wed 30 Jan - Yoga for the Mind

from 20.00

Wednesday 30th January

6:30 - 8:30pm

LOCATION: Waverton Hall - 75 Bay Rd

Anyone with a mind, welcome!!

Yoga is a system that was designed to work on the mind and yet most of what is offered in western yoga classes is focussed soley on the body.

Learn simple, evidence-based yoga techniques (movements, breathing practices and meditation) to help manage anxiety and depression.

Yoga and meditation are becoming increasingly popular, proven interventions for those suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges.

Evidence in clinical studies shows that specific yoga practices, given at the right time, reduce negative symptoms of mental health conditions while also improving concentration, sleep and positive mood.

Combining teachings from yoga practice and evidence-based scientific research this class will give you simple, yet powerful take home practices to support your day-to-day mental health and wellbeing.

In this 2 hour class you will learn:

* Powerful strategies to help bring more stability and clarity to the mind.

* Do-able techniques to help you cope with difficult feelings and situations on a day to day basis.

* Therapeutic yoga postures, backed by evidence-based scientific research to support the nervous system's relaxation response and reduce stress.

* Relaxation and breathing techniques to calm the mind, re-balance mood and support deep sleep.

No experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing. All yoga equipment provided.

Questions? Contact Kate here.

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