Seasonal Women's Circles

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Seasonal Women's Circles


When women gather magic happens! These women's circles are a safely held space to be yourself, nourish your inner life and connect with community.

Connect with Seasons ~ we meet on dates at the turn of the season, giving us a moment to pause and reflect on what has past and vision what is to come. We do this through journaling, readings and nature mandala creation.

Connection with Self ~ clear some space from busy life and cultivate multi-sensory perception to connect with your inner wisdom. We do this through guided meditation and gentle yoga.

Connection with Women ~ listening and sharing creates connection and a sense of our common humanity. We'll share our reflections on seasonal themes. You're free to share or not. It's a very relaxed space :)

New Moon - Friday 16th February 7 - 9pm

at Waverton Community Hall 75 Bay Rd Waverton


Up-Coming Seasonal Women's Circles

Friday 4th May 6 - 8pm - Autumn Women's Circle "Samhain/ Halloween" 

Friday 10th August 6 - 8pm - Winter Women's Circle "Imbolc + New Moon"

Friday 9th November 7 - 9pm Spring Women's Circle "Beltane + New Moon

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