Radical Self Care Project - Self-Paced E-Course & Meditation Pack

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Radical Self Care Project - Self-Paced E-Course & Meditation Pack


Radical Self Care Project : a 7 part self-paced e-course to support you to prioritise self-care. Through meditation (creating space) and journaling (reflection) you'll begin to tune in to your unique needs, and learn new tools to build your own nourishing self-care practice.

You get: 7 meditations and 7 journal prompts for a radically reflective journey in to your personal self-care practice. Grab your journal and your headphones because you're about to dive in to pack own self-care medicine bag and set yourself up for a life-time of radical self-care.

7 Soul Prompts For Radicalising Your Self-Care. These soul notes are delivered via email; they include a topic for reflection and an activity to explore that will steer you back towards wisdom of the body, the desires of the heart and the sweet hum of the soul. From these prompts you'll begin to pack your personal "Self-Care Medicine Bag", create a nourishing daily routine and start to identify and overcome your personal blocks to practicing self-care.

7 Guided Meditation Practices: Meditation is widely recognised as incredibly beneficial for human beings: it is proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, support intuition, spark creativity and enable us the think more clearly. The meditations you will receive include: 

1) Meditation for practicing presence, 

2) Inner Child Meditation, 

3) Yoga Nidra Meditation, 

4) Grounding Meditation, 

5) Meditation for Working with Obstacles

6) Metta Loving Kindness Meditation

7) Gratitude Meditation

These meditations are accessible via a password protected website. Stream them direct, or download to your device, they're yours to keep and use as often as you wish.


TESTIMONIALS for Radical Self-Care Project:

“Kate, just a quick note to tell you much I am adoring self-care month! I absolutely relish each prompt. You have done an extraordinary job. This is LIFE CHANGING stuff! Thank you!!!"  Anna Love

“I LOVED the guided meditations and I will continue to use them often. I learned that self care doesn't have to take up a lot of time. That little acts more often can always fit into your routine and be just as, if not more, effective. Thank you for sharing this concept, this experience with us. You gave it everything and I feel I know you as a special friend. You have brought a new Light into my life. Bless you"  Monica Mumme


"Last year when I began the radial self-care project with Kate & Meiche, I did not anticipate the powerful impact it would have on my life. At the time, I was about four-months postpartum with my second child. Life was mostly chaotic, overwhelming, exhausting, and demanding. Self-care was my life boat. It kept me afloat through the challenging times. I now know how vital it is to listen to my needs, nourish myself, and honor my own unique rhythm, personality, and passions. I am so grateful for this program. It was the catalyst I needed to live the life my heart and soul were yearning for." Micara Link


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