Meditation for Self Compassion


Meditation for Self Compassion


Your $5 Donation for this meditation goes to Project Futures, to End Human Trafficking and Exploitation.

Meditation for Self Compassion includes the Buddhist meditation practice of R.A.I.N.S (Recognise. Allow. Inquire. Nurture and Self-Compassion)

Give yourself the gift of your own presence and through this RAINS Meditation for Self-Compassion.

Come a little closer to your true human nature; your immense capacity to feel, self-nurture and tend to your hurts gently from within.

Self-Compassion is a balm for the soul, an art-form (which takes practice). And it will make you a better human.

May this Meditation for Self-Compassion bring much softness, release and healing to your heart.

Kate xo

P.S. When you purchase this meditation you will be given 24hours to download the mp3 file to your device. It's yours to keep and use as often as you like.

100% of what you pay will be donated to Project Futures.

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