7 Meditations for Radical Self-Care

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Workshop Tiles Term 1, 2019 (10).png

7 Meditations for Radical Self-Care


Self-Care must be urgently radicalised away from the 'treat-yourself' indulgences, spa-treaments and green juice cleanses.  It’s matter of urgency that as women, we reclaim our sovereignty and cultivate a heart-felt, guilt-free commitment to our own unique self-care and self-actualization.

Here I offer the most powerful tool in my self-care practice: Meditation.

Meditation is widely recognised as incredibly beneficial for human beings: it is proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, support intuition, spark creativity and enable us the think more clearly.

When we clear space with meditation, and tune in to how we are feeling, we are able to hear the whispers of the body and soul, and begin to respond to our deepest needs and desires.

Here you get:

7 Guided Meditation Practices.

1) Meditation for practicing presence, 

2) Inner Child Meditation, 

3) Yoga Nidra Meditation, 

4) Grounding Meditation, 

5) Meditation for Working with Obstacles

6) Metta Loving Kindness Meditation

7) Gratitude Meditation

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