Yoga for your Head

"When we CONTROL the ripples of the mind, we experience YOGA" Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Sutra 1.2

You may not know this about me, but I am a recovering control freak. I generally like knowing what's going to happen, when. I have spent much of my life learning to let go! But the ONE time being a control freak is OK with me is when it comes to controlling my thoughts.

On Monday night I ran a special event called Yoga for Your Head. It was a full house here at my hOMe Studio and there were many more people who were keen to come along, so I will definitely run it again soon. It received *SUCH* fantastic feedback that I thought I'd make a little e-book for YOU, my dear friends, to share this information more widely!

"The mind can no longer be thought of as confined to the intellect; it exists in every cell of our bodies" - Dr Christiane Northrup

Yoga for Your Head shares simple, proven ways to balance the mind. It combines a mix of western science, yoga philosophy and yoga science (Ayurveda) and was created to support you to identify which of the 3 Gunas (ie basic qualities of the material world/ psychological states), are most dominant for you, and create a yoga practice to restore balance.

For example:

If you are dominant in Tamas, you are most likely to suffer from low moods, lack of motivation and depression. Yoga can support you through an dynamic practice featuring standing poses, strong holds, back bends and breathing practices that accentuate inhalation- to boost energy.

If you are dominant in Rajas, you are most likely to suffer from stress, anxiety and panic. Yoga can support you through a pacifying practice that accentuates the exhale, features forward folds and grounding inversions (such as legs up the wall) and helps establish you in stillness to calm the racing mind.

If you are Sattvic, you are in balance. Yoga practice to maintain Sattva would include a warm up through all 6 movements of the spine, standing postures, twists, forward bends, backward bends, inversions, pranayama and meditation.

"Every single physical act triggers changes in your brain chemistry. So the more we do positive things like practicing Yoga, eating foods that are good for us, listening to inspiring music, reading poetry, seeing inspiring art, the better we feel" - Patricia Walden

I share much more in the E-book, with the caveat that, as I have been taught, the best way to learn yoga is to work directly with a teacher so we can assess the exact right practice for your purpose. If you have questions regarding the content of the E-book and how it relates to you, I'm happy to answer basic questions over email (for free!) But if you want to dive in deeper, to create a truly customized Sattvic yoga practice, reply to this email to inquire about whether a 121 session with me (skype or in person) would help you achieve this!

May you be well, happy and free,