Women's Full Moon Yoga Flow

Full Moon is upon us sisters, can you feel it? This is my favourite time of the month to set intentions and take some time to move and breath with intention, honouring my body and her rhythms in alignment with the nature and la luna.

I like to light a candle, smudge the space with palo santo or sage, set my intentions, practice moving meditation (yoga) and finish with gratitude.

This is a yoga sequence I've been playing about with for a few months now. It's a little complex, but that's how I like to roll, creative, lyrical and in a mandala shape, flowing around the mat. I've taken inspiration from Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutations) and Shiva Rae's Prana Flow Moon Mandala.

There's no music with this clip, so you have the freedom to choose your own! Select about 20minutes of music that makes you feel feminine, powerful and in your flow.

This flow is designed for those who have some familiarity with their body moving through vinyasa yoga. It requires stregth, balance and a bit of mental focus. Once you've moved through it a few times, it will become smoother, so you can drop out of your head and in to your body and find that delicious, spacious mindful place.

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With love from my tribe to you and yours, and so it is, sweet moon sister.

Kate xo