What happens when your intuition is "wrong"?

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Can you recall a time when you had a hunch that something was going to happen, all signs were pointing to yes, but then you got the crushing news... a big no. What happened!?

I remember being pregnant with my first child, I knew he was a boy and yes, he was a boy... mama's intuition. With my second pregnancy, I knew I was having a girl, 100% sure, and here I am with 2 sons.

There are many times when my intuition has led me down a dead-end, and also many times when my intuition was bang-on (and I consider myself fairly intuitive even though I still get it wrong sometimes)

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Perhaps reality has not caught up yet?

Perhaps it does not mean what you think it means?

Intuition, like muscles and neural pathways, takes practice to train. It's our inner teacher, and sometimes the student is restless, not listening, or misinterpreting the teaching. Remember we are IN-Tuition, in training, so getting it wrong is a chance to keep honing our craft, to keep practicing.

It's also worth noticing which of our senses are most alive in the in the intuitive process... does your intuition show up through predictive dreams,  waking visions, do you hear sounds, or get felt sensation?

What are the preconditions that support you to tune in to your intuition? Practice creating those preconditions, tuning in to the access sense that is the strongest for you, then in time practice honing the other senses too.

Another thing to do when your intuition appears to have led you down the "wrong path" is to ask yourself...

What if it doesn't mean what I think it means?!

Sit with that for a moment-- what if the outcome/issue/manifestation does not mean what you think it means?

This question enables us to break through habitual, controlled frameworks of thinking and dualistic notions of right and wrong. It creates a lot more mystery and openness to possibility; giving us a good shake-up, we find ourselves here floating about with less certainty, more possibility -  uncomfortable perhaps, but also rich in potential!

When your hunch turns out to be wrong, let's face it, there is nothing wrong with you. It's just another opportunity to lean into your humanness. The voice you were listening to was perhaps coming from another part of you; your desires, habitual thinking, hoping, wishing etc.

Being "wrong" can be a bit of a shake-up to the old ego, coz ego loves to be right! But it is an opportunity to sit with discomfort, to lean into not knowing (oh how the ego hates the mystery) and find contentment exactly where we are.

Contentment (Santosha in Sanskrit, and our Theme of the Month for August) is an invitation to take a break from the pursuit of things that occur outside of our control, even if we believe our intuition was calling us in this direction. When we let go of spiralling thoughts and notions of right and wrong we can plug back into the here and now; the body, the breath, the quiet space within, we create ripe conditions for intuition to rise...and if not, at least we can find a true and lasting peace right here, now.

Warmly yours in-tuition,

Kate xx


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