Things that make my heart go BOOM

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”- William Butler YeatsAdd heading.png

Today marks the end of my instagram sabbatical and I have a few things to share.

First reflections, then on to the things that make my heart go BOOM!

Like any good detox, during the first 3 days of the sabbatical, my mind wandered to the habit. I looked for moments I could capture...

I looked for beauty, I looked for stories, I crafted commentary. 

It's a curious thing for humanity- this new normal that has been created by transmitting our lives through social media. We have a voracious appetite to be witnessed and approved of... to belong. The act of broadcasting our lives for likes seems to validate our existence.

At times I do want to throw it all in... smash my phone and run to the trees in search of Samadhi. I enjoyed the IG break *so* much almost didn't come back today. But I did, because there is too much to lose in opting out of these incredible tools for connection, they just require conscious use.

Now, I'm pretty sure, if you are reading this, you've had similar thoughts and feelings about social media, it's addictive yes and but the real connections we make are also... incredibly powerful and REAL. And I want to contribute to those connections in a positive way, to bring more joy, more beauty, more humanness into those spaces

I realised, beneath my ego's insatiable hunger to be the hero in her own story was something far juicier.. for all my insecurities I also thrive, open-up and connect through storytelling. And I am a storyteller from way back. We all are.

During my Instagram break, it was quite magical to sit with my storytelling self and pause and bask in moments, to not share them, to keep them to myself. I still recall a handful of those moments where an image brought forth a rush of feeling and I was able to bask in the pleasure of the moment, rather than interrupting it by pulling my phone out.

In that blissful space, I captured moments in my heart.

There are two things from the past lunar cycle I want to share with you that have blown my mind and heart wide open...


I gave some of mine away, about 600ml to be precise, which may sound like a very ordinary thing to do and yet, it was a completely extraordinary.

As I lay there with a needle in my arm (btw I have a bonafide fear of needles) my blood running out into a little plastic bag, I forgot about my fear and began to feel the most profound sense of connectedness with humanity.

Here we were, all 9 of us in a little church hall laid upon beds with our blood pouring out of us. Blood that was once ours would soon take up residence in another human body. Wow! Now that's sharing. I had this profound sense of the impermanence of everything, of nothing truly being "mine" and of being connected to everything. 

As the nurses buzzed about, the couple next to me took pics of each other and I lay there with tears streaming down my cheeks, basking in the beauty that...


2. ART +  JOY

I've had a homecoming to the magic and beauty and power of ART. And finding the joy in the beautiful-ordinary-everyday, illuminated by my children. In the absence of IG, I've looked at more art, listened to more podcasts and consciously chosen media which brings me pleasure, inspiration, and joy! I've also enjoyed spending time in deeper presence with my kids, what a heart-bursting experience it is to be a parent- new layers are continually unfolding!

Here's a small collection of soul poppin', eye (and ear) candy that has moved me this month.

 The Aesthetics of Joy

Galaxia - this year's Temple for Burning Man

Tokyo's New Digital Art Museum 

The Six Second Kiss 

Ok Go's Rube Goldberg Machine

Art by Anna Roszko (Designer of the Radical Self Journal. I'm also working with Anna on redesigning my website at the moment- so exciting)

And here's my new fav song, a gentle, sensual feminine track that will get you shakin' your hips. I only stumbled on it yesterday and I love it! (it's also the track in my IG video from today)

And this one by a fabulous queer Aussie duo using Nina Simone interviews for the lyrcis: "All I wanna do is open people up!"
Connection- BOOM!

Happy weekend y'all,


P.S There also much to share in the realms of Awakening Feminine Power (the immersion I ran with Carli Leimbach on the Winter Solstice) There will be another Immersion coming up in the Spring. This work is truly extraordinary, deeply profound and designed for women who are ready to take a quantum leap in their personal development. Curious? We are starting to take expressions of interest before the official launch. Hit reply if you are interested, to learn more and to see if it's a good fit for you.