The Art of Getting Things Done

Hey Friends,

Today's v-log is a little random, but maybe less random than it seems.

Most of you know I am self-employed, I teach yoga alongside a host of other gigs, plus I have a young family. Staying organised is non-negotiable for me, given I have so much on my plate!

In February this year, my life changed. My eldest child started school, and what a huge adjustment it's been for the entire family! I had to get serious about my system for getting things done in order to stay on top of my new appointments (drop off and pick ups) and all the new duties required of me as a school mum on top of all my gigs and projects!

After basically imploding from the overwhelm, I emerged with this new super-clear, agile system for getting things done. I shared it with a few friends who thought it was awesome, and gave me very kind feedback. Then a lot of you wrote to me on instagram about it, asking to hear how it works. So here 'tis (apologies for the delay) I hope there are some gems and new ideas in there that spark your fancy on your quest to get more organised.

You'll dig this system if:

* You like structure and clarity, along with a bit of breathing room for when things go awry.

* You get that you need to use digital scheduling tools - to make and keep appointments, but you are also partial to good ol' pen and paper.

* Commercial planners and calendars tend to leave you feeling constricted.

* You want to see your appointments and your to-do list for the week all in one place.

* You get that managing time is really about managing your energy, and you want in on the secret sauce that will help you with this.


Kate xx

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