Tapas: Fire Up Self-Discipline!

Tapas- Firey Discipline.png

The theme of this month is Tapas,  which is the 3rd Niymama (personal observances) on the yogis path. Tapas, as with many Sanskrit words it is translated in various ways (and yes if you are in a Spanish restaurant, and ask for Tapas you’ll get small plates of food!)

Tapas literally means to generate heat, in the teachings of yoga it speaks to our firey discipline, the burning up of impediments on our path and applying the right effort in the right way (even if this means going against the grain and creating some inner friction from our old habitual ways)

Have you ever struggled to unlock a door, you’re pressing, forcing and jiggling the key, then you let go for a moment and your friend take the key with a light hand and turns it effortlessly? For some of us who are all ready fired-up and ready to go, our tapas may be the effort generated by going against our habits of pushing and instead finding the self-discipline to go with a slower more gentle touch.

Whatever your tendencies and habits, tapas is to call upon the powers of fierce concentration and unwavering consistency to bring about the results you seek. It is not the path of easy peasy, going with the flow. Tapas asks what are you fired-up for? What are your committed to? It is the path of effort, discipline and focus. When our concentration is channeled consistently in one place, energy gathers there, like the magnifying glass lasers the suns rays to create intense heat, or like the opening of the levy causes water to rush through with immense power; so too the power of tapas to give us forward momentum.

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Contemplate Your Tapas:

What gets your fired-up? This is a great key in to what matters most to you and what you are prepared to fight for/ dedicate yourself to.

What are you pouring your self-discipline and focus in to at this time? Perhaps reconnecting to the intentions you set last month, letting go of that which is no longer relevant, and refocusing your effort.


Yoga Practices to Generate Tapas:

Kapalabhati - Breath of Fire.

Twisting postures stimulate the digestive system and stoke the inner fires to process and absorb nutrients from our food.

Core strengethening- builds power and strength in the body, which fortifies the mind.



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