Yoga to Release the Upper Back and Neck

Yoga to Release the Upper Back and Neck

Breast feeders, baby wearers, co-sleepers, mums in the 4thtrimester and beyond...This is for YOU! Release tension in the shoulders, neck, and upper back. Pause and connect with yourself. Unravel the tension. Let go an breathe. Yoga doesn't care what you're wearing, or what your postpartum body looks like... It only cares that you show up... Authentic and present as YOU.

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Yoga for Breastfeeding Mamas

And so begins the move to more public sharing of my yoga videos. Gulp!

It'll be casual though, like coming over to my house and to get your yoga on. My kids are hanging about, and in this video my three year old calls for help with a toilet emergency! "I need to do a pooooo, mum!"

This is real life yoga friends, not fancy pants or polished, just me sharing my yoga with you!

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Below is a yoga practice for newborn mums, to melt away breastfeeding tension and get the body moving. Will you help me spread the word and pass it on to a newborn mother you know?

With love,