Easter Celebration Ideas for Children

This year our little family, inspired by B’s new Steiner Family Day Care, is bringing together a variety of elements to create a ritual and celebration that is meaningful to us. Yesterday my son B and I went for a bushwalk to collect treasure; fallen gumnuts, bark, interesting twigs and leaves. As it’s autumn here in Australia, we talked about the changing seasons, marked by some trees loosing their leaves, the coming of cooler days and wind.

This experience connected us to the earth, recognising the changing environment around us, and the new foods we will begin to eat more of; apples, pears and pumpkins!

Next we went to visit a lovely lady called Maria, from HeartFelt who has Steiner shop in a backroom of her house. We bought a family of egg gnomes to represent mummy, daddy, B and the baby in my tummy; a gorgeous pink felt bunny rabbit and a little blue chicken with a felt nest and wooden egg. When we came home we set up out scene, including the easter grass B planted at Day Care.

B adores playing with the scene of egg gnomes and has introduced them to all his other soft toys. The table is at perfect height for him to delve into imaginative play as he creates new stories with the Easter family.

Later this week, we will bake spicy fruit buns to share with our extended family and my Dad and Step-mum are hosting a bonfire gathering at their farm on Saturday night which we're all really excited about. And of course we’ll bring our Easter table along so that the Easter bunny can nibble the grass on Easter Sunday, and leave a little present for B. Instead of edibles, we’ve got him an autumn themed kite tee shirt and a felt Bilby finger puppet that sits inside a felt egg. And the ‘Easter bunny’ will hide the egg gnome family in the garden so B can have a treasure hunt!

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Happy Easter Long Weekend to you all!