Resistance, Yoga and Steven Pressfield

My partner T and I are, coincidently, both reading Stephen Pressfield at the moment. He is reading Do the Work and I am reading The War of Art. Our little brown packages from Book Depository arrived just days apart, and we laughed when we realized we had both stumbled upon the same author in our quest for a good motivational arse-kicking.

Ultimately, Pressfield is waging a war against Resistance (procrastination, self-sabotage and indecision, among other things). In both books, he urges his readers to knock down the walls between them and their most productive, awesome, creative self. His language is strong; he uses battle metaphors and talks of Resistance’s MO to crush, conquer and kill us. I love it. It gets me fired up to fight back against my own sabotaging demons.

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