Summer Solstice Yoga: Celebrating Peak Light

Tomorrow, December 21st, we celebrate the solstice. In the southern hemisphere it's the time of peak light, the longest day of the year; our Summer Solstice.

To honour this time,  I've made a video for you to practice Sun Salutations/ Surya Namaskar and dedicate your practice to this time of peak light.

Sun Salutations are a foundational sequence in vinyasa yoga, they warm up the whole body, alternating between back bending and forward bending, bringing vitality to the spine- our central energetic channel. Symbolically, they are a celebration of the sun and its life sustaining powers; strength, radiance and vitality. To salute the sun is also to salute the soul/ the inner light/ the atman, and as such, a Sankulpa is commonly set prior to practicing this foundational sequence. 

Setting an Sankulpa (resolve/ intention) at the beginning of yoga practice seals the relationship between the physical movement and ones core purpose in life (one of the many ways in which the practice of yoga unites our inner and outer worlds.)

Sankulpa is much like a resolution, but instead of being along the lines of eating more healthy food, or being more fit and the other kinds of popular resolutions people set on new years eve, a sankulpa resonates with your deepest sense of purpose in life. You may work with a singular sankulpa for months or even years, it is not something we switch up with circumstance, it permeates deep into our sense of who we are and why we do why we do in the world. For example, a sankulpa I am currently working with is: "I practice self care and self awareness, so I may practice seva (service)"

On this summer solstice I invite you to consider your relationship to the light. This may mean giving thanks for the food that the sun ripens so you may eat well and grow strong, or perhaps metaphorically, consider where you are casting light in your personal life; what is coming to fruition for you at this time, as we move through the longest day of the year. You may like to practice a short yoga sequence with me above, or maybe roll through any other sun celebrating ritual or yoga sequence that feels good to you.

Happy Solstice!!