Re-Balance using Essential Oils

Yesterday in Sydney it was pretty warm and we are headed towards a heat wave next week-- it's going to be in the high 30s! So I thought this was a perfect opportunity to share with you how to use some essential oils to support rebalancing amisdt seasonal influences.

Whether you are prone to over heating in Summer (and perhaps bouts of frustration as your internal temperature rises) or perhaps, you're in the Northern Hemisphere and trying to re-balance yourself amidst the winds of Autumn, there are essential oils that can help you back to homeostasis.

But first a bit of context. I'm sharing this information about re-balancing through the lens of Ayurveda and dosha types. Dosha can be influenced by the environment, but we all have a constitutional make up we are born with. This base constitution, is called prakriti, it's the foundational combination of the 5 elements we were born with; earth, water, fire, air and ether as they manifest in our being. When discovering our prakriti it's important to look at the physical characteristics we were born with. Kathryn Templeton from Yoga International gives a great explanation here on things to consider when taking a dosha quiz to determine your prakriti.

Then there's vrikriti, which is a Sanskrit word loosely translated as a “changed condition of body, mind and consciousness.” In short it's the environmental influence on our constitution (dosha), which manifests in a state of imbalance. Seasonal changes, emotional stress and other lifestyle factors can contribute to dosha imbalance- our vrikriti.

For the purposes of this example below, I'm going to talk about imbalance being caused by stress, as it's an example most people can relate to.

When stressed, are you prone to anger and frustration? You're probably a Pitta imbalanced.

Or does stress have you grinding to a halt in a heavy heap of stagnation and depression? This is a likely a sign your Kapha is out of whack.

Or maybe stress creates a kind of frantic energy in your body mind, making you prone to anxiety? If this is the case, your Vata is likely out of balance.

Even if you haven't taken a dosha test to determine your prakriti, you'll probably have a good idea about, what a state of imbalance looks like for you.

In this video below I share 3 essential oils that can support a return to balance, whether you have excess of vata, pitta or kapha.

For those of you in the southern hemisphere, approaching the Pitta season of Summer, to help you stay cool and find your inner chill-zone this summer, PEPPERMINT OIL will be your best friend, it's amazing how rapidly this oil drops my body temperature and a single application lasts about 30 minutes. To order 100% pure therapeutic grade Peppermint Oil, or any essential oils for that matter, contact me here and I'll hook you up ;)


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