Radical Self Care Project: A Manifesto

When depletion, exhaustion and overwhelm become the norm, self care is radical.

Radical because too often we feel guilty about it; confusing self care with self indulgence. Self care is not, or rather need not be, a week-long holiday in the tropics drinking stick drinks and getting daily spa treatments. It can be as simple as taking three deep breaths when you notice you are stressed or remembering to eat food that nourishes you at regular intervals. Yep self care can be as simple as breathing easy and eating well, which is hardly indulgent and yet surprisingly difficult for busy people.

Self care is radical because shelving it as Plan B, C or D will not do! Anything but a Self Care Plan A risks leaving self care off the agenda.  Weave realistic, everyday self care throughout your Plan A, always.

Self care is radical because if taken seriously, it asks us to go beyond one-size fits all notions of well being and nourishment. It requires a level of deep self awareness and… listening. Your own unique self care medicine bag will be filled with tools, tricks and non-negotiable that others may leave by the wayside. Getting clear about what your body, mind, emotional self and spiritual self needs to be sustainable is a process, and one which will evolve over time.

Self care is radical because it’s actually not the point.

Yep… that's right. Self care is not an end point; nor a destination. Self care the journey of personal sustainability, a tool kit to help you feel the way you want to feel and give in the way you want to give of yourself in the world.

Take self care as a necessary stepping stone to support the actualization of your purpose, the realization of your dreams, and a powerful place from which to expand into generosity, care and service of others.

So, this year, I invite you to get radical and start listening, deeply to your unique self care needs.


Grab a copy of The Radical Self Journal and start to nourish you own self-care