Power Partnerships: Fly faster, further- together!

Off the back of an incredible "Awaken Feminine Power: Winter Solstice Immersion" this past weekend in Blackheath NSW, I felt moved to share about Power Partnerships. Let me say first though that the immersion was extraordinary! There was so much joy, laughter and warmth. There was also real depth, profound wisdom shared in our sacred circle and a number of women had huge breakthoroughs, (myself included, more on that another time!)

Bringing together my 20+ years in embodiment practices, and Carli's 20+ years as a facilitator and design thinker in the creative industries, we bridged worlds, which infact fit perfectly together and co-created something which neither of us could have done alone. This is the power of women coming together, in service of something greater and in support of one another's greatness!

Carli has spent the past 3 years deep in study with Dr Claire Zammit, the founder of "Unlock Your Feminine Power" and I'm still in very early days of exploring it, but one of the juiciest aspects of this work humming away at the surface for me is the idea of Power Partnerships.

Today, I spontaneously invited Carli to jump on video with me to talk about creating Power Partnerships, because I do love this new (for me) paradigm of relating. We formed a Power Partnership within the container of co-creating a project together, however you need not be working together benefit from this kind of relationship.

At a glance - Power Partnerships can be formal, or casual; between friends or co-workers- the important thing is the intention you set to support one another's greatness, personal growth, potential and most heartfelt desires; provide accountability, support, mirroring and deep listening. The Power Partnership usually begins and ends consciously- so keep the conversation open, and be receptive to the others needs as well as your own. You may notice the partnership naturally comes to a close as milestones are met or specific goals or projects completed. You may also want to check in periodically as to whether the Power Partnership is still serving you both, or whether it's time to take pause or wrap things up.

In this chat we discuss:

* How our worlds came together for the co-creation of "Awaken Feminine Power: Winter Solstice Immersion."

* What makes Power Partnerships different from friendships.

* The role of intuition, curiosity, feeling into both the unknown and heartfelt desires as we move towards our Future Self.

* What happened in Mullumbimby: why we pulled the plug on hosting an event and what we did instead... in the name of Power Partnerships!

* Without giving too much away Carli shares a bit about what it means to connect in with "Power Centre 3" The power of asking for support, collaborating and working in partnership- because we are better together!

Watch the Video above or on YouTube or listen to the audio below.

And let me know what you think- Do you have a Power Partner in your life? Or a relationship that is similar? Are you keen to find a Power Partner? Leave your comments below, for me or Carli- we'd love to hear from you.


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