Creating a Home Yoga Practice. Part 2: Breath.

Following on from yesterday's post here's a second video in which I share the importance of using the breath to guide the movement in a yoga practice.

If you've tried home yoga before, you might have noticed you went for the poses first and then go stuck trying to remember what comes next. I'm pairing things right back and focusing on the simple art of combining movement and breath.

The movement I share in this video is very do-able, simple even. So I will say, if you find yourself antsy for more, remember this is about practicing the foundational concepts that fuel an authentic yoga practice that feels like YOU and helps you to become very present.

When movements are complex we easily can slip in to overthinking, by simplifying and slowing things down, we can start to experience the fine details such as sensations of breathing and the feelings of the movement, for a deeply embodied experience of yoga.

Breath is an incredibly powerful, and the respiratory system incredibly unique. It works very well on it's own, as a function of the autonomic nervous system; the breath knows exactly how to breathe the body without us needing to think about it. But then, we also have the ability to control the breathing mechanism, to slow the breath, to hold the breath and create intentional changes in the breathing which in turn impact the nervous system and the emotions.

By noticing our unconscious breath patterns the breath becomes a baromter for our inner world. Is the breathing short sharp and shallow? Likely an indication that we are in our 'fight-flight-freeze' nervous system. By taking the reins (so to speak) and consciously slowing the breath down we can flip the switch to the para-sympatheic (rest and digest) function and the body-mind begins to relax. This is precisely why the breath is such a powerful tool to help regular our emotions and it's what brings about that sense of peacefulness you may have felt at the end of a a yoga class.

Watch the video below for a short breath awareness yoga practice, you can apply this to ANY movement! Have fun with us and let me know how you go. Any questions or comments, let me know. And if you'd like personal 121 support for building a home based yoga practice, I do offer sessions via skype. Message me here to get started.

** Note: the resolution on the video is still quite low - fine if you watch on a small screen though :) I got the mic working this time- yay! so sound quality is much better!