No Resolutions, No Problem. How Do You Want to FEEL?

Did you make resolutions for this year?
I didn't.

Between Christmas and New Year I contemplated not what I want to do, or be, or change about myself or the world, I contemplated how I wanted to feel.

I've become a bit of a mega fan of Danielle La Porte and I'm devouring all her offerings at the moment, including The Desire Map, which asks the reader to name how s/he want to feel. A potent refresher on the ol' resolutions game. 

"How do you want to feel?" I love this question even though at a glance it may seem a bit of a privilege to dabble in feelings while others live each day not knowing where their next meal will come from. Though I do feel, feeling good is a human right and orienting our internal compass towards the positive feeling states is a worthwhile activity, for ourselves and the company we keep.

So, How do YOU want to FEEL?

It took me a week of playing about with my feeling words. My list was huge. I settled on four, then scratched them all. So, what made the final cut?


I want to feel generous. The resulting action-- I want to GIVE!
Give of my time, my love, my money, my energy. And I want to feel full and whole at the same time. Yes, I believe its possible.

For Christmas my mother-in-law gave me Annabel Crabb's Special Delivery, it was a perfect gift as I've already been making a habit out of food gifting, especially for my newborn mother friends. I felt a real kinship with Annabel through our love of food gifting, but she's a much better cook than me, so she's helping me take my passion to a more intentional and sophisticated level. Good news for my local friends and family!

The good news for YOU reader, is that I'm going to be making FREE yoga videos each week. Don't ask me how I'm going to do that. Ok, yes, ask me. My answer: they will be short and they wont be perfect; I may stumble my words, the lighting may be dark-ish (yes I can promise dark-ish) and sometimes my children may appear on screen. No more perfectionist standards here, just heartfelt yoga classes from me to you. I have so many sequences I want to share with you! Over time the tech will get better and the production more polished, but for now I'm just showing up and sharing my passion with you. So, roll out your mat, come as you are, and I promise I'll do the same.

This week: Gentle Yoga for the Lower Back: Mobilise and Strengthen.
TruthBomb (there's my friend Danielle La Porte again): I have had a issue with my lower back since I my early teens. I have no idea how I did it, but it's been with me all my life on and off and much to my sadness, baby wearing makes it worse. When my back is sore, I have to rest because my normal yoga practice only exacerbates it.

This is a slow yoga therapy sequence I've been playing around with for when I am no longer in pain, but I'm still a bit ache-y. Some of these asanas were given to my by my teachers, others gathered from yoga therapy masters via their books and videos. I have about 2 hours worth of material for my lower back, but these are a few that are currently on rotation.

You can give this sequence a go when you're just a little tender or cautious of your lower back and want to rebuild connection and awareness of this area with mindful movement, gentle stretching and strengthening. Much of the sequencing is symmetrical. This way your back has a chance to realign, and you can feel where one side is tighter, or higher etc, helping you get better acquainted with your injury. The only lefty-righty exercise is to specifically target the left and right sacro-iliac joints, at the back of the pelvis which, in my case are a bit of an issue, these joints become soft during pregnancy and in my case still slip out occasionally.

Ultimately yoga is best prescribed one to one. The perfect sequence for me will not be the perfect sequence for you, so I share these practices to invite you to study your body and get to know how it responds to these movements. Let me know how you go in the comments and if you click LIKE on the video it will help you find it again, so you can continue to work on your lower back.

Cheers to generosity, the joy of giving and feeling how you want to feel.

Love, Kate