My Unexpected Spiritual Practice (Sorry, Yoga)

Have you ever had one of those moments when the flood gates of insight open?

I'm sure you have.

What was once like gazing in to murky water, is suddenly crystal clear and you can see right to the bottom. That which was there all along, obscured from your gaze, is now bright and blazing in it's real raw, presence.

This is my experience of my relatively new found, spiritual practice, Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

The menstrual cycle is like the yoga or Tao of women- a template for psychological and spiritual evolution, an innate intelligence that works, guides and matures you” - Alexandra Pope

I have been tracking my cycle for over a decade, mostly for fertility awareness and to be ready for when menstruation arrives, so that I can inform my partner that I may be a little more sensitive and need extra space, or love (it depends) while I bleed. But the visionary work of Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer has catapulted me through another portal of my spiritual journey.

The thinning of the veil in consciousness that happens right before and during menstruation is ripe for accessing visionary downloads from deep within. The wise, unseen, but deeply felt power of the feminine stirs, if only we would turn towards her, pause and LISTEN.

In just 3 months of working through Alexandra and Sjanie's book Wild Power, most of my menstrual discomfort has dissolved and I experience the most blissful states of consciousness during my bleeding days. A stirring of Shakti, in my womb and a softening of focus which feels deliciously vague and yet so DEEPLY present.

It's a time of complete surrender as each month I am called to 'drop my bundle' and pour through the gates of the blood mysteries. There awaiting me is the wild, untamed, clear visionary power of the feminine. She passes over the teachings of the month (sometimes with total clarity, sometimes in more unusual ways) points me to the next steps and off I go, out in to my inner Spring ready to take action.

These last three month have been SWIRLING with ENERGY. I can barely keep up, and yet I do. So well practiced I am in my tendency to in bite off more than I can chew, freak out, let a few less resonant pieces drip through my fingers, duck out to rest, then drive hard again... carrying on with my mission, embedded here in this work of sharing yoga with my community in Waverton; the offerings of Radical Self-Care Project and in my role as a Mama Bear to two small humans.

This month's teaching came in the form of a powerful reconnection and reconciliation with my youngest child as a path back to wholeness and love.

There's that old cliche that we must fill our cup before we can serve others, and of course, it's true. I believe that as I practice cycle awareness and all aspects of self-care, it creates a positive ripple in the world. How I treat myself, influences how I treat others. When I open to fully loving and listening to myself, my inner voice, I can be more present in love for my tribe and wider community.


Here's my Story from yesterday, as this month's teaching lands loud and clear...

"Day 24 of my cycle, just waiting to bleed; navigating agitation, self-doubt, and an ocean of "whats-the-point" feelings. Typical, really. Breathing deep. I know when to Call to Surrender is coming as each breath feels sooo quenching and softening. I rode the day well in to the Surrender, oh so gently holding myself.

Me and Yagan.jpg

These past few months I've been a whirlwind of creation... my friends say I'm a powerhouse and they're right. I adore the work I do, I'm fiercely driven and highly creative. Riding out my soul MISSION. Teaching is in my blood. Which is not to say I'm expert, or that I've "been there done that" When it comes to self-care I am a both teacher and student... always learning from the teachers I've chosen and those who've chosen me, this life, this body, and... my children. Motherhood defines me. It cracked me open, broke me, lead me to yoga teaching, the path of healing, SELF-CARE and raising up the feminine.

Yesterday I took a hot bath.  At first I was in and out a bunch of times, getting up and drying myself to resettle my youngest- he was struggling to surrender to sleep - he's been sick - again. Finally as he drifted off... so did I... wrapped in hot hot water.

Journeying in to quiet stillness. BEing. A deer spirit greeted me. Face to face. Soft doe eyes gazed in to my soul. "Your power is right here... drop in to BEING and claim it." We merged and ran and ran and ran. I was with maybe a dozen others. Open grassy plain. Running. Strong. Wind. Thunder. Rain. Then a fire. Cosy. Me and my babies snuggling. Mama Shakti rippling through my doe body.

Reconnected with my POWER so I could reconnect with my Babe.

 He crept in as I returned and we both climbed in to my bed and snuggled. I stroked his back. He stroked my face. So tender and soft. My body remembering his body as mine. Pure being. Pure LOVE. He'd been Calling to me... unsettled moods and sickness. I wasn't listening. Not letting him in... FULLY. Doing the minimum. Anxious to be Alone. But he just needed to plug back in to me. And, I to him. Here we are HOME. Vibrating together in our WHOLENESS, in LOVE."


THE BASIC ARC OF THE INNER SEASONS/Menstrual Cycle + Moon Cycles

New Moon/Menstruation: a time for quite reflection, letting go, going within, resting, allowing intuition to guide you, setting intentions, planting your dream seeds. The inner lights are blazing! Corresponding Season: Winter

Waxing Moon: Rising energy, growth, blossoming ideas. Corresponding Season: Spring.

Full Moon /Ovulation: a time for activity, using creative energy, activated sexual/sensual energy, asking ‘what is being illuminated in my life right now?’ The outer lights are blazing! Corresponding Season: Summer

Waning Moon: Descending energy, slowing, preparing for reflection and release. Corresponding Season: Autumn


Want to learn more?

Listen to my interview with Red School Founders Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer on the #RadicalSelfCareStories Podcast.