Visioning (and Focussing) to Make Stuff Happen.

kristopher roller via Unsplash

kristopher roller via Unsplash

"You don't need eyes to see; you need vision" Faithless

There is truly nothing in the world like visioning and creating. If you're a creative: writer, painter, filmmaker, musician... a maker of any sort, you know what I mean.

Since I was a child crafting handmade paper with dried flowers; to a dramatic arts-loving teen creating weird and wonderful characters for live performance; to a young adult co-creating multi-artform theatre shows in Sydney, Germany and New York, to the creative yoga entrepreneur I am now... I fall in LOVE with the creative process again and again because... real life magic is embedded deep within it!

Creating anything requires you to listen and allow yourself to be moved by a force that is greater than human.

When the creative forces that built the universe move us and the muse begins to speak... we must stop and listen. And most importantly we must have the fearlessness to stop self-sabotaging, stare resistance in the face and say... "Be gone! I believe in this and I am going to create despite you."

I just finished running a crowdfunding campaign to self-publish my first book project: The Radical Self Journal

I raised $11,289, which was 171% of my initial target and enables me to print 500 copies. You can order one here.

Here's (a bit) of the Story:

and further below I share 5 steps for Visioning (& Focusing) to Make Stuff Happen

The vision for the Radical Self Journal landed in March 2017 and it grabbed me by the collar so to speak and pulled me away from re-launching my online course: Radical Self-Care Project (perhaps not the best 'business' decision for many reasons, but... I followed my heart)

At the time, I had just wrapped up the 4 week online course and was wrestling internally with what it means to 'teach' mindfulness through a digital program, when the reality of my self-care is often to be as far away from the computer as possible.

I booked a plane ticket to Melbourne that next week and headed (alone) with my tent and back pack to Seven Sisters Festival. I needed a massive decompression and so spent much of the week in the Red Tent, in various dream-like states- meditating, day-dreaming, shamanic journeying and... actually sleeping. When I wasn't laying about on the ground in various states of consciousness, I was moving my body-- dancing and yoga-ing. It was delicious, I didn't talk much (unusual for me) and I never wanted to leave. My brain waves desperately needed to slow down and it was so so nice to be far from screens and 'doings'.

The following week I had a clear resolve that I needed to translate much of my digital material in to a journal. I called my friend Anna, who is a visual artist and designer and asked her if she wanted to make the thing with me-- knowing she'd make it really really special, she said a hearty yes.

And so it was time to begin creating. I spent almost every single Winter's evening tucked up in bed writing, drawing, dreaming and mapping the process for this book and come Spring I started to tap it out on the laptop and found an editor. I spent almost a month in editorial land polishing it up while simultaneously beginning to build a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds for the first print run (not something I recommend, it was far too stressful to do both at once and despite the 6 weeks of buffer I built in, we were down to the wire. For the record I will also never again run a campaign alone-- next time I will have at least 2 assistants)

I raised $11,289 in a 21 day campaign (which is a whole other blog post) and will now print 500 copies of the book. They are being printed as I type. I keep visualizing what those 500 copies will look like, I imagine the printers printing them out and I see the women all over the world opening their journals in a cozy nook at home, or under their favourite tree and putting pen to paper and... I feel happy.

It's been the most amazing and humbling and at times mind-bendingly stressful process. But there is truly nothing in the world like visioning and creating... for me, it is the stuff of LIFE!

Here's my humble process for...

Visioning (and Focusing) to Make Stuff Happen:

1) When a vision (idea/inspiration/ the muse) comes, LISTEN. Get quiet, meditate, simplify life so you can listen well and be ready to let the idea flow on to a page... and capture it.

2) Expand... let it be as big as it wants to be (you can cull later).

3) Cultivate your BELIEF in the idea (and the outcome it creates). There will be times when your belief will be challenged, it's a normal part of the creative process-  a really important part actually. You will be challenged by resistance, self-doubt and fear, expect it and be ready for it because it's your opportunity rise with your steadfast belief in your idea/creation/project and defeat those self-sabotaging demons.

Believing in the Radical Self Journal is the 1 thing that I held on to, so so tightly when I felt fear and doubt creep in. It was a piece of advice I received before embarking on the project. It was given my me by a friend who has also just published a book (and the advice her mentor gave her) It worked for us both.

Work on your belief in whatever way suits you-- daily affirmations, visual reminders, a shrine, morning prayers (or in my case making a art piece celebrating my belief in the project and having it where I could look at it regularly)

4) Focus. Break the project down step-by-step. Make a list/ project plan of all the steps using whatever tools speak to your heart. And if you are ever unsure of what to do (or feeling overwhelmed)... Ask "what is the next right action"? Step-By-Step you will make the thing... not my looking ahead and freaking out.

5) Have a Mindset Coach (or friend). You need someone in your life who believes in you and agrees to be your mindset & accountability buddy (a mentor or coach are also great options depending on how formal you want to be about it all). I had my husband and Anna, my designer as informal mindset coaches, which really helped me. When I was freaking out I could go to them and vent my fears and worries and their gentle affirmation and belief in me gave me the courage to shift back to a positive mindset.

6) Listen. Believe. Focus: Step-by-Step. Positive Mindset. Repeat!

Do you have a creative vision within you waiting to be shared with the world? What is it? I'd love to know! Or perhaps you are a seasoned creative project junkie like myself and you have your own techniques for visioning and focusing and making stuff happen... I'd love to hear below!

May you follow your muse and make great things happen!

Kate xx