Happy Mothers Day + Gratitude for Mother Nature!

Mothers! I hope you all had a truly blessed Mother's Day.

Amidst honouring my mum, myself and my role as a nurturer, I have been feeling in to a reverence of the Great Mother-- Mother Nature!

It's a cool Autumn morning here in Sydney, I've just finished up a yoga class, followed by a plate of sauteed kale and mushrooms and my body-mind is literally vibrating with gratitude for the abundance of plant food that nourishes me daily.

What an incredible blessing it is to go to a market and select beautiful, fresh, tasty plant food!! Jai Maa! (Fancy Sanskrit for "Salute to the Great Mother")

---> Salute the Great Mother with my "Earth Warrior" Playlist

In this month's classes we are exploring all the ways in which Mother Nature supports our life. Feeling in to the simple yet profound ways that Mother Nature supports us is a beautiful practice that the ancient yogis were well schooled in.

Celebrating and honouring nature brings us in to a state of reverence and respect for our planet, leading us to make more earth conscious choices. Recognising the natural abundance in nature is also a powerful anti-dote to feelings of 'lack', which are very common in our materially focused world.

Our economy is built on consumption, in fact it seems sometimes as if it's become a competition to consume as much as possible! We get caught up in all the goodies and gadets and often forget to ask ourselves... do I really need this?

Mother Nature is naturally abundant, and yet... we must respect our role in the cycles of her abundance, if we do not play our part in maintaining the living breathing balance of Gaia/ Pachamama/ Narayani, her resources will in fact run out!

"Everything in the Universe belongs to the Infinite. Therefore take only what you need, that much is set aside for you. Do not take anything else, for you know it does not belong to you" - Isa Upanishad (Classic Vedic Text)

I invite you to take a moment today to feel in to gratitude for the ways mother earth supports your life.
The fresh AIR you breathe.
The fertile EARTH that grows your food.
The radiant SUNSHINE that ripens them.
The clean WATER you wash with.
The warm FIRE that keeps you toasty.

Close your eyes and take a pause to invite in a heart-felt thankfulness for one thing in particular you are called to express your gratitude for. Feel the gratitude drop from an idea in your head down in to you belly and spread through your WHOLE BODY. Let the corners of your mouth turn up in a smile and silently speak any words you have for your heart-felt gratitude.

If you're practicing at home this week you might like to use my "Earth Warrior" Play list
It starts super mellow, builds up with lots of energy and finishes mellow... just how I like it, I hope you do to :)

Jai Jai Maa!

Kate xo