Feminine Power: Co-creation, sisterhood & community over competition


The more I dive into my "entrepreneurial journey" the more I feel, I am being called to "reimagine" what business, partnerships and collaborations look like, because the mainstream patriarchal ways just don't work for me.

Working with Carli (who is co-facilitating the Awaken Feminine Power- Winter Solstice Immersion with me next month) we model for one another what we seek in life and business... radical generosity, transparency, deep listening, courage and the holding of a co-created space that enables us each to step into our greatness.

Carli and I connected in just now, to share, what feminine power really looks and feels like for us...


* Co-creation; Community over Competition; Sisterhood! 

* Celebrating our cyclical nature and knowing the power of both activity and... rest!

* Saying no when we mean no, and saying yes when we mean yes.

* Turning the feminine nurturing instinct inwards to self. Radical!

* Being our own best friend and creating an unshakeable bond with self.

* Using our voices, stepping into authentic confidence and visibility (even when self-doubt is present)

* Tapping into Intuition, getting quiet, listening to and trusting inner wisdom

* Using our bodied awareness, honing our senses and deeper layers of perception (wisdom, heart, instinct) not just our everyday awareness and intellect.

* Moving from unconscious to conscious awareness.

* Moving away from non-possibility to possibility.

* Aligning our actions and decision-making with an intentional life path.

* Creating a rich and fertile ground for positive changes in your life; surrounding ourselves with people and environments that lift us up.

* Awakening the potential we sense in ourselves, and we find this requires the support and community of sisterhood to mirror us back.

* Experiencing our own authentic presence; to be seen; to be known; to experience a profound sense of intimacy with self, community and nature.
We could go on!!!

What does feminine power mean to you?

Comment below to share (PS There's no right or wrong, it's just whatever feels like feminine power -- to you!)