Equniox Newsletter

Equinox is approaching and I am inviting you to a special online event #EquinoxDreaming It runs March 18th - 22nd over on Instagram. It's totally FREE! And there are some BEAUTIFUL prizes to be won, including a handmade mala, woman runes (like oracles cards), an essential oil and a lunar journal!!

All you need to do is engage with the daily prompts on Instagram and share your reflections. You are warmly invited to join myself and Rebecca Funk from Priestess your Life, as we offer ideas for soul nourishment and reflection to help you sail in to the new season, rooted in your learnings from the height of summer (or winter as the case may be).

This time of year feels liminal for me, not quite summer anymore here in Sydney with the leaves beginning to turn and the wet dreary weather that has wrapped us for weeks now, and yet... it's not quite Autumn yet either (still in singlets and skirts). Coming in to balance, with equal amounts of light and dark in both hemispheres.

At this turn of the season, ask yourself... what ideas/intentions are deeply planted in my life from the summer/winter, that which I choose to carry with me in to the next season? What old patterns/ behaviours/ ways of being am I composting and leaving behind as a sail forth in to the winter/summer?

If you are currently facing some obstacles in your life which you feel are getting in the way of either letting go, or moving on, I offer you this Free "Meditation for Working Obstacles" Come in to a new, empowered relationship with what you seek by, honouring the teachings obstacles offer, then if it feels right... letting go.

Next week I'll be speaking about radical self-care and entrepreneurship at the #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit! Honoured to be interviewed amongst some incredibly inspiring movers and shakers. It's FREE to sign up and runs from March 20 - 31st. Go here to sign up!

The latest on the #RadicalSelfCareStories Podcast is an interview with Kristina Wingeier. We talk self-care for empaths, leaning in to intuition and practical, do-able self-care. 

Women's Yoga Circle is back in Waverton on Saturday April 22nd, from 1-3pm. We will be alternating between Fridays in Redfern and Saturdays in Waverton, month to month. This is such a divine way to connect with yourself and all that's simmering away waiting to be manifested or perhaps released. We sit in circle, to connect with ourselves, woman-ness, and source. Sometimes there is poetry, othertimes singing or ceremonial movement to celebrate the feminine. And there is always a sharing circle to tell our stories, and witness one another. Then we move, in to a yoga practice, an EMBODIED style of hatha yoga, inspired by Womb Yoga (however, you need not have a physiological womb, you can still connect in with this energetic space as a source of power and creative life force - shakti). If this sounds like something you would LOVE, I warmly invite you to come along!

Finally, I have a one spot open for private yoga, if you'd like to work with me 121, contact me here. We can address physical, mental or emotional issues with personalised therapeutic yoga. I'll support you to craft a home practice and bring yoga more fully in to your life, on and off the mat.

Got any comments or questions? Pop them below, I love hearing form you. Or you can reach out privately here.

With Love,