Creating a Home Yoga Practice. Part 1: Sankulpa + Spine.

Creating a home-based yoga practice is something we may aspire to, but have no idea where to start. Maybe you've been to a bunch of classes, but when it comes time to roll our your mat, it feels less than zen; overwhelming in fact, with all those postures to chose from... if you can remember any at at all!

Let me show you, in a few simple steps how you can begin to explore do-able yoga at home, that's based on tuning in to your body. This embodied approach to yoga invites an experience that feels wholeheartedly like you... not you, pushed in to a pretzel!

While going to practice with an experienced teacher is an essential place to start (and it may take a few tries to find a teacher who's lineage and style resonates with you)  getting yourself to the studio needn't be the limit of your yoga experience. I find having a home-based practice incredibly grounding, empowering and liberating! I roll out my mat, set my intention and begin to move and breath.

This video is the beginning of a NEW SERIES to support you to create a home-based yoga practice. I teach in the hatha yoga style, descended from Krishnamacharya, which is a personalised therapeutic practice. I teach 121 yoga and small group classes in Sydney and here, in this video, I offer the wisdom of these teachings for you to explore in your own home.

Today we start with creating a SANKULPA (your intention) and we move to mobilize the SPINE.

The two conceptual take-aways are rooted in WHY we practice yoga.

1. Person + Purpose = Practice. Basically: knowing how you feel and what you need determines what kind of practice you'll undertake. As opposed to walking in to a studio where the practice is pre-designed and you find yourself, perhaps uncomfortably trying to fit in to it, the way I teach starts with the people in the room. and what they have come for. We can go in to much more detail in a personalised 121 session, but for the purposes of this video, we look at the creation of a "SANKULPA"/ Intention to anchor your practice and give it deep personal meaning.

2. LIBERATION: this is the goal of yoga. Call it enlightenment, call it samadhi, this freedom may come in different ways, and the journey is not linear, it's a life long spiritual practice. In this short video practice, I ground the concept of liberation in the tissues and share some ways to move prana (life force energy) along the SPINE. We begin with a breath based practice, moving then we move in to a physical awakening of the spine, moving in all directions, in ways that feel good and using the breath to channel energy in to places where energy is stagnant or stuck.

This video is both experiential and instructional to support you to integrate these foundation elements in your home yoga explorations.

And, wow... sorry about the low resolution and sound quality, you guys! You know I normally do much better then this! I will endeavor to improve the next one :)

Stay tuned for Part 2: Breathing, we'll build on what you learned in Part 1 and dive in to the life changing power of the breath to liberate and lead your yoga experience.