Co-Impact Sourcing of Essential Oils

In order for a company to be hugely successful in the future, it will no longer be enough it to create a great product that benefits our lives. More than ever consumers are looking for companies who have a sense of PURPOSE, they can align with, they want to see companies taking a stand on issues that matter so they too can creating a difference in the world in they way they do business.

doTERRA is one such company and they have recently been named Forbes International Business of the Year!

I started using doTERRA oils #1 because they are hands down the most pure potent essential oils on the planet, effective and safe to use with my whole family.  But second of all doTERRA's commitment to ethical and sustainable partnerships with growers, harvesters and distillers (2/3 of whom are in developing countries) means they are able to provide opportunities for families; creating jobs in rural areas, helping co-operatives form and operate, offering fair and ontime payments and profit shares, and finally supporting community and social impact projects through their Healing Hands Foundation.

This is one company with a big vision for a better world, and proof through their rapid growth, that consumers are resonating with the unstoppable combination of a superior product and unshakeable sense of purpose.

Watch the Co-Impact Sourcing video below.



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