Caesarean Birth is Still Birth

Caesarean birth is still BIRTH. But for the longest time I called my first birth 'the operation', intentionally denying myself and my woman-ness the experience of having given birth.

In the aftermath I felt totally alienated by the natural birth movement. Did I not trust my body enough, was I not spiritually awake enough, was it karma, was I my body broken????

Stepha Lawson of @thelanguageofbirth said something that has really stuck with me "No, you didn't manifest your birth. Birth is far more miraculous and complex than that". True. Even if you plan the plan and do all the work... The outcome is not guaranteed.

Yes, caesarean can be over used... Roughly 33% here in Australia and other western countries. But even home birth midwives will tell you... Roughly 1/10 women transfer to hospital and approximately 9/10 of those birth by caesarean.

It's taken some time but now I know with all my heart CAESAREAN BIRTH IS 'easy way out.
... You're not a failure.
... You're not weak
... You're no less a woman.
... You may even prefer to birth this way and that's OK too.

Caesarean mums: we open our bodies to bring our babies in to the world, this is birth. Wear your scar with PRIDE!

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Pregnant mama art by Brigid's Grove

Pregnant mama art by Brigid's Grove