A message from my heart

Well, this is not the post I had planned to write today.

I had some practical steps for radical self-care and personal sustainability planned out for you.

You know-- the kinda thing that gets you results and moves you forward on your journey to radical self-care!

But honestly at this minute, I'm getting kinda tired of rambling on about how radical self-care will help you combat, exhaustion, depletion, stress and... get you out of your own way to living a fully conscious life that ALSO creates a positive impact in the lives of others.

Do still believe radical self-care will change your life?

Hell, yes!

I am living proof.

So is Micara...

"Last year when I began Radical Self-Care Project I did not anticipate the powerful impact it would have on my life.At the time, I had just had my second child. Life was mostly chaotic, overwhelming, exhausting and demanding. Self-care was my lifeboat. It kept me afloat during challenging times. I now know it is vital to listen to my needs, nourish myself and honour my unique rhythms, personality and passions. I am so grateful for this program. It was the catalyst I needed to live the life my heart and soul were yearning for"

You could also ask Anna, the impact Radical Self-Care Project had for her...

"I absolutely relish each prompt. You have done an extraordinary job. This is LIFE CHANGING stuff! Thank you!!!"

Or Monica...

β€˜I LOVED the guided meditations and I will continue to use them often. I learned that self-care doesn't have to take up a lot of time. That little acts more often can always fit into your routine and be just as, if not more, effective. Thank you for sharing this concept, this experience with us. You have brought a new Light into my life. Bless you’

These women are ALL speaking about the virtual program "Radical Self Care Project" which will run again in Feb 2018 over 4 weeks. You can snag an super early bird deal to join this program via my crowdfunding campaign. Did you notice that? I'll break down the program for you sometime, next week, but basically... it's life changing!

But today I had to bring you this message from the heart.

Find out more about the National disgrace that is the Manus Island Detention Centre here.

Join me for a Virtual Women's Circle & Self-Care Workshop on Sat 4th / Feb 3rd (depending on your timezone) RSVP here.

Pre-order your Radical Self Journal via my crowdfunding campaign on StartSomeGood here.