7 ways I'm using Essential Oils in my Home

For me, to have a relationship to essential oils is to have a relationship with nature and the magic of plants!

Put simply, essential oils are plant essences, when you enjoy the scent of fresh cut flowers you're enjoying the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring aromatic compounds that make up the essential oil are founds in the seeds, bark, stems,roots and flowers of our plants.  They are not only nice to smell, but they provide the plants with protection against predators and disease and play an important role in attracting bees for pollination.

I've been using essential oils for their aromatic qualities, whether as perfume, or in a burner to create a nice scent in my home for many years. But upon discovering the doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils, I'm now using them daily in my home, not just to create those yummy fragrances, but for my family's health and well-being!

Here are 7 Ways I'm Using Essential Oils in my Home.

1. Lemon Oil in warm water in the morning. Lemon water is daily habit I've had in my life for a few years. Lemon is alkalizing and it helps cleanse the digestive system. Alkalising is really important to reduce inflammation in the body and promote efficient healing and absorption of nutrients. Now, we have a gorgeous meyer lemon tree in our yard, but it can't quite keep up with my lemon water habit, and plus, when I travel... so much easier to take a little bottle of oil, than a bag of lemons :)

2. Peppermint Oil for easy breathing. Having young children and being in the midst of winter here in Sydney means we've had our fair share of colds the past couple of months. To help clear sinuses and the sniffles, my husband and I take a drop of peppermint oil on our finger and put it right at the back of our palates-- three deep breaths later and airways are clear! For the kids I give them a sniff of the oil from the bottle. (Please note, not all oils are pure in quality, before putting essential oils in your mouth, be sure they are pure therapeutic grade oils, such as doTERRA)

3. "OnGuard" Oil for oil pulling. Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic dental practice called "kavala" or "gundusha" that involves swooshing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This action draws out toxins from the body, mainly to improve oral health.

I take 1 tbsp of fractionated coconut oil (long chain fatty acids removed making it liquid at room temperature and a very stable oil) with 2 drops of doTERRA's OnGuard oil blend which contains wild orange, clove, cinnamon and a few others. Clove oil, you may already be aware of for oral health- it's a powerful antiseptic and I remember my dentist using a clove dressing when I had my wisdom tooth removed!

4. Lavendar and Teatree to treat rashes and other minor skin conditions. I've used this homemade blend for so many things! I mixed a few drops of each oil in 10ml of the fractionated coconut oil and roll it on. First I used it to treat a bit of tinea (fungal infection) on my feet... completely gone in 2 days. Then to treat a rash on my husband's wrist (from a wrist band he was wearing)... three days... gone! Then just last night on my son's scalp, as he still has a bit of cradle cap, I'm yet to see these results, but I'm sure when I check it will be on it's way out!

Another fantastic use for these two high powered oils is in cleaning (I add a few drops of teetree or lavender in soaking clothes, when the kids have accidents!) Eucalyptus and lemon are also excellent choices for laundry, kitchen and bathroom cleaning!

5. Lemon and Clove Anti-viral, anti-bacterial tooth brush soak. Did you know toothbrush sharing is one of the most unhygienic things you can do? Not only can it spread germs, but if someone has a bleeding gum it can transfer blood born viruses. My boys have been frequently swapping tooth brushes (um, silly mummy bought them tow that look exactly alike) and I wondered why everyone kept getting re-infected with colds! So I've popped our toothbrushes in a cup of water with a 2 drops each Lemon and OnGuard Oils to keep them germ free!

6. Lavender and Frankincense for meditation. I should have put this one at the top because it's my favourite! I am just so in LOVE with frankincence at the moment, it's mystical, earthy, grounding and just a drop can help me stay focused and mentally clear for hours. Seriously. I've never experienced such a powerful oil, apart from maybe lavender. So, when it's ixed with lavender, wow it's just magic for meditation; calming, centreing and focusing. I also use it mixed with coconut oil and sometimes a drop of wild orange too for when I give my neck massages at the end of yoga class.

7. Deep Blue for ache-y muscles. I use it, my husband uses it and I share it with my yoga students who have tight muscles. It's a deep winter-y scented oil that feels a bit like deep heat or tiger balm if you've ever used those. Yesterday I had an awful tension headache coming from my neck so I rubbed ed a bit of deep blue on my neck, took a bath and an hour later I didn't need to take headache tablets. These oils really are the ultimate in natural health care solutions!

Honestly, it was so hard to pick only 7, and you may have noticed my not-so-subtle segueway in point 5 which allowed me to talk about cleaning and squeeze in an 8th point. There are so many uses for these oils, and once you get into blending and diffusing to create a mood through fragrance you'll see they sky is the limit.

In short, I use the oils, internally (though with great caution, as all oils are not suitable for internal use) topically- neat, topically diluted (safer for my kids) and aromatically to set a mood and support emotional well-being. Bringing these exceptional certified pure, therapeutic grade oils in to my home has been such a pleasant journey of discovery and empowerment, as I'm able to provide more natural solutions for my family's healthcare.

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