On Re-birth and Transformation.

Guest Post by Karo Tak

David Life told us at the end of Jivamukti Teacher Training last year, “you’ve all died, a few times a day” and I can tell you magical transformations did happen.

So here I am, in a train to Munich, traveling through rainy Holland and I look outside and i just remember David words so clearly.

Because I did die...

...a huge part of me died at Omega last year.

Besides that it’s an absolute fact that some other big transformations have happened to me in the last ten years. That’s a decade people! Coming from a 24 year old girl who was fed up with so many things, wanting a break from it all to a 34 year old and I quote “power-frau”. It really is like an outer body experience, being able to look at your old self, who you were then and who you are now, I have never felt more detached from (old) self. I feel so far far away from all that I was, from who I was, this feeling overcomes me really strongly here in my country of origin. Where I was but no longer am. Maybe it’s because I have learned that home is where the heart is, that home is Australia, that home is a Jack Russell called Sparky, that home is always here, or it’s because of the yogic transformations and manifestations I’ve gone through so utterly and deeply this last year, whatever it is I truly feel like a Jivanmukta, this is what it feels like to be liberated while living, to be able to look back without judgements, without colours, without filters, just as the “sakshi” silently witnessing that what was and no longer is. The old self, liberated. Freed. Dead.

In this process of re-birth and re-connection a lot of exciting things happen. Seeing the world like a child again, like experiencing things as if you’re experiencing them for the first time. It’s interesting you can speak a language and not be heard and you can not speak a language but yet be heard. Something I am really experiencing on this tour. Yoga speaks all languages. Yoga is the universal language that brings us all together, uniting us all as ONE. The love I receive is overwhelming and so heartwarming, it really is so incredible.

Being a Jivamukti Teacher has opened so many doors and on this tour it meant that in all of those doors a Holy Being was awaiting me, usually with a plate of food and a heart just so light and warm. All glory to my dear teachers Sharon-ji and David-ji, beings I hold so very close to my heart. Thank you, God for looking after me so well and for bringing me all this go(o)dness. The only way to receive such goodness is by giving it away, I have truck loads of goodness to give away, another month of spreading the love all over the place and I feel so excited, so inspired, so intensely happy. The gifts received already are priceless, the beautiful moments spend with such beautiful people (and I’m not just talking human people) I feel like the lucky one, the blessed and the honoured one.

The transformed me is free. The transformed me only has an interest in serving others and dedicating my life to just that, happiness and freedom to ALL beings, by becoming more liberated myself through a strong daily asana practice, being vegan and spiritual activism I can bring liberation to others, the only way to teach is to learn first, this learning should be done by action, by doing. I feel like the vegan warrior, the jivanmukta, the power Frau, the yogini, completely and fully devoted and dedicated to my practice, my teachers, the lineage and the teachings. I strive to live the teachings, live my yoga. To be light like a feather yet strong like a puma. (PIUMA YOGA) finding that balance in life, to be a servant but always the warrior, never the doormat and to never stop traveling. To never stop spreading the love on a very wide scale, on an international level. Love isn’t something you look for, it’s something you become. And then when you become it, you go and spread it, you go and give it all away. You go to as many places as you possibly can in two months, to spread the love, in the name of and always for the animals.



Karo Tak is a passionate vegan cook and will be creating all the delicious cruelty free food for Spring Alchemy Retreat. Find out more about Karo's Jivamukti yoga teaching, vegan cooking and spiritual activism over at www.karotak.com