Scared is Sacred (a Dyslexic Segue)

Guest Post by Mary Willemsen

Spirit has a funny way of informing us sometimes. Recently a lovely dyslexic typo of mine revealed the following; scared mispelt is sacred! Thus came the awareness that when we are scared, we are being presented with a moment of sacredness.

Scared implies fear, whether a fear for self, a fear of a perceived future outcome, or just plain fear of the unknown. Fear present amazing opportunities for spiritual growth; these are sacred moments of potential for mastery of life, of manifesting and creating paths and outcomes rather than avoiding life, sitting back and letting it bash you.  

How do you feel fear? It is a tingle -- that good fear, that excited fear, that you know you need accept this challenge and grab it with both hands? Or is it that wallop of total fear that paralyses you? In which case you need to step back, take a breathe and if possible assess, is this a genuine warning not to proceed and do a ninety degree turn, or is it my reptilian brain just freaking out? In which case you need to say to the reptilian part of your brain, thank you for the warning but it’s all ok, go back to sunbathing on your rock.

The next time you feel signs of fear in your body, step back and evaluate.

- What is being brought up for me?

- What gift is being offered—is it an opportunity to step forward and move through?

- What old stories are being now presented for me to shed, to let go of?

And before you do a total freak out and melt down, remember an event in the past where you discovered that the fear itself was actually worse than the outcome. Did you die then, did the world stop spinning? No, of course not. Did it present the outcome you expected, or did it present another way of doing/looking at things? No, yes, maybe.?

There are many ways to achieve the same thing. Of course I’m not denying the crippling power of fear, how it can push you into anxiety attacks and totally limit you life. But I am going to ask you, how would you prefer to live? Lost in fear and not living, or being able to see some beauty in living and loving it? If the answer is to live life unafraid, then challenge yourself to use your fear as a propellant, to use it as the steps to conquer it’s hold on you. If this is a new concept, then naturally take baby steps, that is all you can ever ask of yourself. And if you have watched a baby learn to walk, you know it is all about repetition, with no thought of giving up. I have yet to met a child who didn’t master walking! And so exists the next potential, that just as walking has become purely instinctual for us, if we constantly practice facing our fears, then maybe too that will become an instinctual habit for us.

So acknowledge the fear response and then use it as gift of sacredness that is being offered to you. By being mindful of your response, you can turn the fear around to being an opportunity, you do not deny the fear but rather use it as catalyst for change, a sacred opportunity for the betterment of your life. Whether this is stepping more into your power of self and self acceptance, or it is the gaining of knowledge of how to do something better in the future, grab it. Learn and grow in sacredness.

Be brave, face those fears and free yourself up to be confident in yourself, to experience the comfort of just being able to be you. Release self judgment. This is just another form of crippling fear. Believe what your friends see in you and constantly tell you, that they love you and fully support you. More importantly, allow them to do this. When you are stumbling around in fear, let them see this. Allow them to mirror to you their belief and faith in you, that you are a worthy and lovable being. With fear exposed, and the acceptance of support, all things are possible.

Finally, rewire your brain to understand scared is really sacred, so that the next time you are scared a different alarm bell rings in your mind and you are reminded not only of the sacredness of this opportunity but more importantly you have the faith and ability to use it as such.



Mary Willemsen-  is an urban shaman, a full mesa carrier  following the shamanic path of the Quero Indians of Peru, graduate of The Four Winds. An intuitive healer, lover of Pachamama (Mother Earth), open always to the wonder of the human spirit and the amazing magic we can create together. Mary will be faciliating one heart meditation and healing workshops at Shambhala House of Yoga's the Mid Winter Muse Retreat June 2014.